Luxury Fractional Guide is the Internet’s leading directory of fractional ownership property. We offer over 200 listings of fractional real estate, as well as Destination Clubs, Private Residence Clubs, Vacation Clubs, Equity Vacation Funds, and speciality whole ownership vacation homes. Founded by leading fractional consultant Sherman Potvin in 2005, we educate and empower consumers who are interested in exploring their vacation home alternatives.

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Sherman D. Potvin: Original Founder, Consultant


Sherman D. Potvin has been involved in real estate for more than 35 years. As a Real Estate Broker, Mr. Potvin owned both commercial and residential real estate companies for more than 25 years.

Mr. Potvin’s experience with fractional sales started at the Killington Grand Hotel in Killington, VT, in 1998. Since then, he has worked and consulted for the very best Branded Hotels in the fractional industry, including the American Skiing Co., Intrawest, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton Club, as well as numerous independent developers.

Moreover, he also wrote the fractional industry’s first book, “Fractionalize to Maximize,” which provides insight into vacation home fractionalizing.

In 2005, Mr. Potvin founded the world’s most comprehensive fractional website Here, his book along with more than 300 other fractional properties can be found. In 2008, he introduced his unique fractional real estate training system, “relationship sales training” that set new standards within the industry.

With all of his endeavors, Mr. Potvin has now become the fractional industry’s “go-to” professional. Whenever an owner wishes to fractionalize their luxury home, Mr. Potvin is their ultimate solution to producing greater profits & faster sales pace ultimate solution to producing greater profits & faster sales pace.
In addition, he has designed and developed what he refers to as his “Fractional Education in a Box”! This along with the internet allows him to guide any homeowner to wonderful success all from his home office.

Notably, this method helps reduce the cost of his work and saves him travel hassles while constantly producing highly effective results for his homeowners, and that too at a greatly reduced cost. However, his tremendous success in this method of selling a vacation home has kept him extremely busy while assisting luxury homeowners throughout the world

Further, Mr. Potvin has specialized in consulting for fractional developers through the years. Having traveled the world over to advise fractional developers and ensure that their projects would have the best chance of success, he truly is one of the industry’s leading consultants.

Mr. Potvin also brings a wealth of financial information and connections. He has had great success obtaining financing, both front and back end, for small and large projects. The years of experience he brings to the table have proven to be very beneficial to fractional developers.

Partial client list:

The Ritz Carlton Club, The Trapp Family Lodge, Crystal Sands, The Royal Private Residence Club, Cadaques PRC, The Killington Grand Hotel, The Cottages at Pinehurst, The Dye Villas, The Lions Gate PRC, The Timberlake Club, Palatial Destinations, Tui Creek, Richfield Properties, Grandview Lodge, Casa Rubia, Cinnamon Beach, John Wayne Island, Long Trail House, The Key West Club, West Bay Club, The Neptune Club, The Club at Arenal Lake, Reserva Contral Club, La Campanella, Pacifico Diamante, Vineo San Miguel

Clint D. Harritt:  Partner


Clint has been involved with real estate transactions such as a hard money lending, REITs, financial analysis and real estate marketing for 10+ years.  Since 2017, Clint has managed the growth of Luxury Fractional Guide to become the leading source of research for vacation ownership options and the only centralized source of fractional property on the web.

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The digital marketing group behind Luxury Fractional Guide has 15+ years of lead generation, content marketing and digital advertising experience.   By utilizing SEO, affiliate, and email marketing, the Luxury Fractional Guide is able to help fractional resorts succeed in reaching a broader online audience.

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