The nightly rates on Inspirato can give you a sticker shock.  The upfront cost is also significant.  Yet, if you have always dreamed of having every whim catered to, with no expense spared, Inspirato is an excellent option.

For a vacation ownership investment that gives you access to thousands of destinations see Equity Residences.

First, About Inspirato

Inspirato isn’t a timeshare; it’s a luxury travel membership.  The founders wanted to make luxury travel available to those who don’t want the costs of a second home.  Members are affluent.  Members get access to a hand-selected collection of private residences with first-class accommodations.

Recently, Inspirato has offered fewer homes and more hotels, which has caused some members to leave.  Read real member reviews on our Inspirato Reviews page.

The company leases luxury properties and manages the properties so they will always meet your expectations. Available travel consultants can recommend a portfolio of luxury homes in the most spectacular beach, mountain, and metropolitan destinations.

In effect, Inspirato takes away the hassle of deciding where to vacation from a maze of online reviews and replaces it with expert assistance to help you select from a curated list of locations.

Full-time professionals provide travel assistance on the front end, a concierge at the back end and exquisite customer service on everything in between. Inspirato will treat you to stellar customer service at every step of the process. Not just choosing a stunning property, but also managing every small detail to provide you the vacation of a lifetime.

The high-quality customer service and assured quality of your Inspirato experience are what make it pricey.

family ice skating at timberline Vail

Breaking Down a 1-Week Ski Trip for a Family of Four

Let’s look at a family of four that stays with Inspirato on a one-week ski vacation from Austin, TX to Vail, CO. They want to stay somewhere within easy walking access to the lifts, restaurants, and boutiques at the ski area.

United flies non-stop from Austin to Denver, which takes only 2.5 hours. All their luggage and gear are shipped directly through Inspirato’s partner, Trip Hero. It is delivered directly to their residence, which allows them to bypass luggage pickup and simply pile into the car they have reserved at DIA for the 90-minute drive up Interstate 70 to the ski area.

Timberline is a seventh-floor contemporary penthouse with magnificent views of Vail Mountain. The 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom includes a heated, underground parking spot for their rental car. The gourmet kitchen in the 2,693-square foot unit will allow them to fuel up between runs and enjoy cozy family dinners together in the evenings. Inspirato’s on-site concierge stocked the kitchen with everything they’ll need during the trip, so there’s no need to stop at a store on arrival.

Lift tickets and lesson were all pre-arranged by Inspirato’s expert travel team. The family will also have access to the Inspirato Member Lounge at Solaris with complimentary light snacks daily, and an opportunity to meet fellow Inspirato travelers.

With just a short walk along a heated walkway to the lift, they can pick up their skis, snowboards, helmets, poles, and boots. There’s no hauling this gear back upstairs later; it will be stored daily for them near the lift.

Here are the costs for a luxury one-week ski trip.  A family of 4 from Austin, TX to Vail, CO using Inspirato.

Inspirato Timberline at Solaris in Vail, CO Total
Membership Cost ($10,000) Inspirato Key Membership / amount applied to this vacation $500
Cost per Night Occupancy is for seven people but accommodates two additional if necessary. $1,800/night $12,600
Air Travel United Airlines non-stop from AUS to DIA

$400 per person

Food Excess food and restaurant expenses above average food costs $1,000
Car Rental $129/day for a family size vehicle $903
Gas Three tanks of gas for an average SUV $150
Entertainment Adult 5-day lift ticket $665

Child 5-day lift ticket $460

*multi-resort lift ticket access at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, and Keystone Resorts

Opportunity Cost For example, if you hadn’t invested the fee, you could have made 4% investing the membership cost funds elsewhere (estimating one annual vacation per year) $400

Total Cost



Inspirato is not a value-priced vacation. The additional services and ease of travel make this a vacation club for those whose time off is valuable and vacations are important. Cost per day is more than $2,800, but occupancy could be increased on the unit to include additional family members with very little cost increase.

For travelers that like to travel more than 1-2 weeks a year, we typically recommend fractional homes as the cost per night can be 1/3rd or 1/2 the price of Inspirato.  The homes include exchanges where you can visit 1,000+ destinations at no extra cost.

Available Inspirato Destinations

As of September 2017, Inspirato’s portfolio featured 67 beach destinations for members who like to plant their feet in the warm sand and 24 alpine destinations that offer winter and summer experiences in a high-altitude setting. There are 34 metropolitan destinations to put you right in the city center, 39 premium golf destinations for those who like hitting the links, and 15 uniquely designed event experiences like safari and sporting events.

Consider fractional ownership before joining Inspirato.   With home appreciation and rental income, it may be a better vacation investment for you.    View this low-cost fractional home in Santa Monica, CA.


Inspirato Membership Details

Inspirato memberships offer flexibility so you can choose which destination aligns with the experience you select. Luxury vacation properties range from $800 per night to $1,800 per night. An Inspirato membership provides high-quality destinations and first-class service. There are three membership levels from which to choose.

  • Key membership includes all basic membership features, with six-month advance booking, access to private events, and on-site concierge services for only $10,000.
  • Family membership includes a complimentary trip, extends the booking advance to 12-months, and extends travel benefits to adult children for $20,000.
  • Executive membership includes two complimentary trips, the ability to send guests on a trip without you and all other related benefits of membership. Available for $30,000.

Choose Inspirato for a guaranteed luxury vacation

Inspirato designs and delivers exclusive vacations that are the height of luxury and live up to your dreams. The professional travel team takes the hassles out of traveling and helps you enjoy your precious time off from the daily grind. Joining Inspirato means that every vacation you take will be spectacular.

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