There’s nothing like a beach getaway to recharge and reset. The problem with going on a beach retreat is that no one ever wants to leave. This leads many people to consider buying a second home.

Sure, it might be a great investment, but for a lot of people, the financial and time commitment it takes to own a second home just isn’t possible.  Fractional ownership is the next best option, which is cheaper then home ownership but allows longer stays then a timeshare.

Luxury Cabo San Lucas Timeshare For Sale

Cabo La Estancia Beach Resort Mexico

$284,000 per share - Fractional Resales, Fractional Resort

Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas (Los Cabos), Mexico offers privately owned villa, condo, or penthouse on world-famous Medano Beach. Baja California has a…

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2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Cabo Vacation Home Options

Luckily, timeshares, are now available in Cabo. Most limit you to a one or two-week visit per year, but as a luxury timeshare owner, you can invest an amount equal to whatever share you’d like to own. This means you can choose to spend your entire winter or summer in your Cabo resort home.

The great thing about ownership is you get the benefits of a managed property and the financial gains of ownership. They’re a fraction of the cost of a traditional vacation home, but at the same time, your new place requires none of the upkeep of conventional ownership because the timeshare company handles the maintenance.

Choose a private vacation condo if you’re looking to get away from it all. Opt for a residence at a popular resort if you want to meet new friends, vacation with other owners and have the amenities of a luxury hotel at the cost of ownership. This option is excellent for families.

For those looking for a beach escape, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, just in Baja California, might be perfect for you. From California, you can get to Cabo in just a few hours by plane.

Cabo San Lucas Things to Do


Cabo serves a mixture of Mexican El Norte cuisine with a Coastal Mexican influence. You can find enjoy some of the best local cuisines from molé made with love to ceviche straight from the ocean. Cabo is, of course, famous for its world-class seafood at bargain prices. Some restaurants will even cook up your fresh catch for you.

While you’re out fishing, it’s likely you’ll see whales, as Cabo is one of the most popular whale watching spots in America. After a day of sports fishing and whale watching, you can have access to a full kitchen and eat dinner while watching an epic sunset over the water.


If you’re looking to get away and cut loose, Cabo has some great bars and nightlife. Mexico is famous for tequila, a liquor made from the agave plant. Tequila is the main ingredient in margaritas, so be prepared to try to best margaritas of your life. Authentic Mexican tequila makes an excellent gift for friends and family back home. Tequila tasting is sure to become one of your favorite hobbies.

Family Activities

Cabo is great for families too! Kids love hanging out at Cabo resorts because they have fun activities, pools, and waterslides. Let your kids loose at the pool and relax with a book and a margarita. For adventurous kids, take the family zip-lining, sailing, or kayaking. Snorkeling is another family-friendly activity. Take the kids to Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park to see some of the best coral reefs in the world. The crystal blue waters in Cabo are also a great place to teach the kids how to surf.


If you’re planning on staying in Cabo for a while, that’s a great opportunity to travel more. Cabo is a popular cruise destination, so hop on a cruise ship for even more relaxation. You could also head to the artsy town of Todos Santos, just north of Cabo.

Moving to a new city, even if for a short time, can sound pretty intimidating, but you shouldn’t worry about that in Cabo. Cabo is so popular with tourists and expats that language isn’t much of a barrier anymore. With such a big foreign community, it’s easy to make friends, especially if you’re staying at a resort. Traveling families might find the kids make friendships that last for years.


With lots of activities, a low cost of living, and excellent weather, Cabo San Lucas can offer a high quality of life. If you need to go south in the winter for your health, the average weather in the winter months in Cabo is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll have access to fresh, tropical produce all winter long.

Don’t think that you can’t afford this kind of lifestyle? With a timeshare you can have access to the best Cabo has to offer at a fraction of the price of owning a traditional vacation home.