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How to Purchase Fractional Ownership Resales, at A Discount


From soccer moms to college students everyone loves a good discount. However, some discounts count far more than others. The purchase of property, especially a fractional ownership vacation property, is among one of the most significant purchases any person will make. Therefore, saving money on the purchase of a luxury vacation property is far more…

Negotiating your Fractional Property Purchase

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When you shop for real estate, fractional or sole-ownership, knowing how to negotiate will ensure you don’t suffer from buyer’s remorse. Once you decide on a fractional condominium, destination club, luxury resort or timeshare, do your homework before discussing the purchase with the owner or developer. Fractional Property Research Before you make a decision on…

10 Items to Consider When Buying A Fractional Property

There are many reasons why people purchase fractional ownership. Mostly it’s because they have fallen in love with the location of a particular fractional property. Fractional ownership can be one of the most enjoyable real estate purchase of your life. Below are a few points to consider while you purchase. Speaking of points, points from…