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Sycamore Condo Hotel – Now Selling

Sycamore Condo Hotel Just Released – Affordable, Luxurious   Sycamore Condo Hotel is a to-be-built condo hotel near Disney World that will have outstanding amenities and is super affordable.  The expected open date is December 2020. It has units priced in the range of $150,000, which is rare and great value for the Orlando Area….

An Interview with Equity Residences

Equity Residences is redefining vacation home ownership by making it an affordable and financially attractive investment. It’s latest offering, the Equity Platinum Fund, includes exclusive residences in Hawaii, California, and Florida, as well as international locations. Marina Brennan is a Marketing Manager for Equity Residences. We sat down with Marina to discuss what makes Equity…

Shared Home Ownership Featured in Forbes Article

Lifestyle Asset Group, one of our premier partners, has been recognized by Forbes as the leader in fractional home ownership. The author, Ellen Paris, describes Lifestyle Asset Group as a luxury home investment model that makes sense. She explains how ownership works and sourced testimonials from happy investors. With shared home ownership growing in popularity…

Join Equity Residences with a 10% deposit for a limited time. Details inside.

Equity Residences, the innovative private equity fund, has rolled out a limited-time offer for accredited investors who want to test their new Equity Platinum Fund, before committing to a full investment. A typical, fully-vested Platinum Fund investor commits $236,250 to the fund for 10 years. This constitutes a 1.5-unit investment that provides two to five…