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Marriott Timeshare Resales: Timeshare Info You Need to Know

Marriott Timeshare Property

Having a getaway destination to visit on your vacation is one of the many perks of a Marriott timeshare. If you’re considering purchasing a Marriott timeshare, there are some important factors to consider before you buy a new home. Read on for more information about the company along with their resorts, allotment programs, and terms….

Interval International – Everything You Need to Know

Interval International Overview In the timeshare industry, only a select few timeshare exchange companies can parallel the prestige, luxury, and service of Interval International. When you take a closer look at the company’s impressive history and infrastructure, you’ll see the reputation is well-earned. The international timeshare exchange program boasts more than 25 years of experience…

Our Review of Lifestyle Asset Group

Since 2013, Lifestyle Asset Group has established their name in vacation home co-ownership and currently features eight homes in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Colorado and more. By reinventing luxury vacation-home ownership, Lifestyle Asset Group has distanced themselves from fractional ownership and presented investors with a new opportunity. What Lifestyle Asset Group Does Differently Their…

How to Purchase Fractional Ownership Resales, at A Discount


From soccer moms to college students everyone loves a good discount. However, some discounts count far more than others. The purchase of property, especially a fractional ownership vacation property, is among one of the most significant purchases any person will make. Therefore, saving money on the purchase of a luxury vacation property is far more…