There are plenty of reasons to be drawn to all that Colorado has to offer – great skiing, beautiful scenery, appealing amenities, and a seemingly endless list of activities and restaurants.

If you are one of the many people who desire a piece of snowy paradise a timeshare may be a good lifestyle investment for you.

First, what is right for you?

When looking into an investment opportunity, it is essential to weigh your options and find the best fit.

If you are just looking to enjoy the lifestyle of a resort community, then a resort home or condo is a great option for you; however, you are not likely to get a return on your investment as condos and resorts generally depreciate.

If you are more concerned with real estate investment, then owning a home outright is better – but you miss the amenities of a resort.

Drawbacks of investing in a timeshare

Many timeshares are now going to a points-based system. With this system, travelers buy into a vacation club rather than a specific location, which allows them more freedom with where they are going and when. The benefit to this system is that a lot of places offer discounts on points for off-season travel which allows more bang for your buck.

There are several aspects to investing in a timeshare that investors may find unappealing. First, they don’t appreciate, especially the points-based systems. If you are looking to make money, a timeshare may not be for you.

Second, a Colorado ski timeshare should be a long-term investment, and eventually, the amount of money you put in may feel like more than what you are getting out of it. If you are investing in a timeshare in a specific location, you are committing to the same location every year, most likely at the same time of year which can feel monotonous for some.

Third, if you are ever ready to step away from your investment, it can be very difficult to unload your share. There are sites committed to helping people sell their timeshares, but these sites cost money to join, and there is no guarantee of a sale.

Some Colorado Fractional Ownerships Have Appreciated

In Colorado some fractional resorts have appreciated, such as The Timbers, but only because there are so few available in their five Colorado locations.  Timbers is a high-end upscale accredited investor ownership.  Even with their appreciation, most investors will not profit due to the annual maintenance fees.

However, there are no Colorado ski timeshares in the area that have gained in value consistently over long periods of time.

Condo hotels would be an attractive option for Colorado, but I’m not aware of new developments selling in the resort areas.

The hard-sell or a resale?

One major drawback that some people report is the hard-sell. Many vacation clubs allow for a more flexible and desired experience in terms of timeshares, but some of these clubs engage in aggressive sales techniques.

Hard-selling is a tactic that usually involves a discounted rate to check out the resort with the promise that you will attend a several hours presentation. This presentation involves several members of the sales team pressuring people to buy into the timeshare, and this high-pressure approach can feel very uncomfortable. In addition, these properties are not always worth the investment.

However, for the best value for your money purchasing a resale is your best option to profit from a timeshare.  You can negotiate aggressively on the resale market as many timeshare owners are trying to unload their deed.   Then with luck, you can wait for a high season, a strong economy, or new upgrades and remodel to be done at the resort.   At that time, you may be able to resell your timeshare for break-even or a small profit – eliminating the depreciation.

Fractional Ownership

Many people are leaving behind timeshares for fractional ownership, which is similar but with much more flexibility. With fractional ownership, you are buying a portion of a home, along with others who are interested in the same location.

Investing in fractional ownership is your best bet at making some money back and may be easier to sell in the long run. Be patient and do your due diligence when investing in all real estate. Take your time, travel to the areas you are looking at, maybe use credit card travel points instead of money for airline mileage. Apply for one of the best travel credit cards if you don’t have one already.

Whole Ownership Homes in Colorado

With a whole-home investment, you are allowing for more potential vacation time, the ability to rent out the weeks when no one will be there, the freedom to decorate as you want, and you are building equity.  However, owning a home is a lot of work, time, and expense!


Now that you have some information on the good and the bad take a look at some listings for timeshares and fractional real estate in Colorado and see what is available. Keep in mind that with a timeshare you are locked in each year, and that is best for some. With a fractional purchase, you may be investing more but have the potential for income and flexibility of vacation times.