Resort ownership can be cheaper for people who don’t want to sink all their dollars into a vacation home.

Timeshares are also an alternative to paying unreasonable prices at hotels. Unfortunately, many don’t provide enough destination opportunities for those who don’t want to limit their vacations to one location. Elite Alliance and THIRDHOME are exchange programs designed to expand the possibilities for timeshare owners to explore the world.

Elite Alliance and THIRDHOME are programs that allow you to exchange vacations with others. Similarities and differences exist between the two programs. See which characteristics make the program a better fit for you.

Elite Alliance

Elite Alliance provides a method for owners of vacation homes and fractional properties to exchange time at their properties. Members submit available time at their property and can use that credit towards time at other prestigious residence clubs and luxurious vacation homes.


THIRDHOME allows homeowners to exchange time in their second home for a stay in a luxury property or toward travel to spectacular worldwide destinations. A big differentiator is that their portfolio includes timeshares, fractional residences, yachts, and private homeowners. As a member, you can swap between any type of stay. 

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Elite Alliance selects a limited number of exclusive vacation homeowners and luxury residence clubs to participate. Ownership of a second home or membership in a luxury affiliate club is required for admission to the Club. A strict policy and procedure guide are included in the Membership Agreement, which manages member conduct.

THIRDHOME maintains an exclusive membership role that requires verification and acceptance. Current or luxury affiliate partner members refer many members.


Properties accepted into the Elite Alliance program must be of the highest quality, in a desirable location, and offer premium service and amenities. Guests can be sure these exacting standards are in effect for every Elite Alliance property. Extravagant residences in stunning locations are exchanged amongst an exclusive clientele to share adventurous travel destinations worldwide.

THIRDHOME selects only properties, resorts, and locations among the most desirable worldwide. Upon joining, each residence is assigned a ranking based on a system of one to five keys, with five being the highest rated. Only properties with exceptional locations, high market value, and décor merit the highest ranking. Members may own private stand-alone vacation residences, fractionals, timeshares, yachts, and catamarans.

Elite Alliance Membership Plans

Elite Alliance offers membership at two levels: Core and Premium. The Core membership costs $495 annually and is slightly more limited. It includes access to most club benefits like travel experts, referral bonus programs, and the ability to request vacations in advance.

For a minimal upcharge, a Premium Membership offers access to a wide selection of additional privileges. ClubBenefits offers premium networking opportunities at more than 300 private clubs worldwide, golf courses, tennis courts, and business clubs in all major metropolises. The Premium Membership is only $659 annually.

Details of locations are listed, and all available exchanges are shown with dates. If certain exchanges aren’t shown as available, a future request can be made to reserve a spot. Members may choose vacations that require additional fees. These will be disclosed before booking the destination.

The currency used for Elite Alliances exchanges is called Elite Credits. They cost $75 per credit and can be purchased separately if needed. A 3-night stay is $395, 4 nights is $495, and 7-night stays are $595. Short-notice vacations are available at varying rates.

Prospective members are required to own a week at a fractional, resort or residence club, or second home. If accepted, the property’s value will be assessed, and Elite Credits will be issued based on the property type, location, amenities, services, and décor.

THIRDHOME Membership Plans

THIRDHOME has a simplified single-tier membership. There is no initiation upon approval and adding a few weeks into the portfolio. The first year is free, then annual dues are $295 yearly.

An award-winning risk-management partner, SUPERHOG, protects THIRDHOME members. In the rare event a THIRDHOME Guest causes damage during a stay and doesn’t reimburse the Host, SUPERHOG protects up to $5M in damage for any cause. This offer is global and includes both standalone homes and affiliate resort members.

Guest members continue to be responsible for their actions while staying in a property, and this does not absolve guests of any damage they inflict. However, their partnership with SUPERHOG allows THIRDHOME to offer members market-leading prevention. 

Key Levels determine the price per exchange rate for a one-week stay. A one-key residence carries a charge of $395, 2-3 Key Properties cost $495, 4-5 Keys charge $695, and so on.   Key quantities are based on the quality of the home and the time of the year the stay takes place. The more desirable, the more keys.  Additional key levels may be added at the Club’s discretion, which carries additional charges.

Other optional charges for additional services like property staff will be disclosed before booking.

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Cost Comparison – Elite Exchange vs. Third Home

Elite Alliance THIRDHOME
Initial Fee 0 $0*
Annual dues Core Membership $0

Premium Membership $1,195

First-year free

Then $295 annually

Credits awarded for deposit Awarded per property, based on value, size, amenities, and location
Cost per exchange for one week stay $595
Ranges from $495-$1395


Homeowners who seek adventurous vacations or additional flexibility in luxury travel options can exchange time with other owners with the assurance that the owners and the property will remain safe. Either of these exchanges can provide owners with spectacular vacations in the world’s most popular destinations.

Members of Elite Alliance enjoy exchanging time at upscale fractionals and luxury timeshares. THIRDHOME includes owners of privately-owned second homes who would like to exchange a small portion of the time plus upscale fractional, luxury timeshares, yachts, and catamarans.

The significant difference between the two is that THIRDHOME’s portfolio is more diverse and has no upfront cost to join.   Elite Alliance can be joined without an up-front cost, and costs are only incurred upon overnight stays being booked.

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If you’re looking for the highest levels of service and guaranteed satisfaction during your prized time off with family, either club offers high-quality service, unique benefits, and characteristics based upon the perceived value of your exchange property.