An article in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 13th highlights fractional ownership. Titled “Paris Pied-a-Terre at a Fraction of the Price”, it mentions two fractional ownership properties — Paris Pied-a-Terre and The Fairmont Heritage Place San Francisco. Walid Halabi, owner of Paris Pied-a-Terre is quoted in the article:

“These are people who can afford to buy the whole thing. But what they’re buying is a lifestyle,” Halabi says during a break from a three-day conference on fractional ownership held at the San Francisco Fairmont last month.

They show up at their apartment, which is clean and stocked with the groceries they have requested. They spend time enjoying Paris, living among Parisians, but without the hassles that Parisians have living in a big city. “And when you leave, you shut the door and go home,” he says. “You don’t worry about it.”

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