If you are interested in fractional property ownership, you do not have to buy new. Many companies have a comprehensive list of fractional resales.   Resales are often under-priced, and can be an opportunity to buy cheaper then new.   Fractional resales also allow you to negotiate the price for an even better deal!

You can find just beachfront, lake, mountain, resort, and other types of fractionals available for investment.

With a fractional resale, you might even find a bargain property that will not only provide you with an enjoyable home away from home, but something that will also appreciate well during the years that you own in.

Fractional Home Resale Listings

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People often confuse fractionals with timeshares. Timeshare ownership allows you to visit your property for a specified period, usually one or two weeks, on a specified date every year, without any real ownership benefits.

With a fractional, you can own as much time as you want and have a lot more flexibility when visiting. If you purchase through a vacation club or equity fund, you’ll have options to visit multiple vacation homes.

Looking to find a great deal on a fractional? There are lots of resources out there that can help. Here are a few:


Vacatia offers fractionals throughout North America. Between Mexico, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Canada. Consider resale options in Orlando, if you have children. These vacation homes provide you with the opportunity to visit some of the best resorts in the world for kids.

A Vacatia representative can guide you to the most suitable vacation location for your specific needs and preferences. So, whether you love to snow ski, lie on a beach, or both, a Vacatia representative can help you find the vacation property of your dreams for a great deal through their resale program.

Luxury Fractional Guide!

An excellent resource for any fractional owner, Luxury Fractional Guide we help you find a fractional resale. Browse our extensive database to see what owners around the world have decided to put on the market.

Fractional Index

Fractional Index cultivates a unique database of resales. Most of the properties listed are in Mexico, the United States, or Canada.

Choose from pre-owned stand-alone fractional properties, private residence clubs, or resorts.

You can purchase access for up to six months out of the year through Fractional Index.

Paris Home Shares LLC

The leading seller of fractional resales in France, Paris Home Shares can help you find your dream European get-away. All properties are custom designed by Paris Home Shares to meet even the most discerning property owners’ highest standards.

You can be sure you’ll find a stylish retreat, even with a resale.

Browse their resale page for some of the best deals in Paris.

Elite Destination Homes

Elite Destination Homes can help you find your dream, luxury residence at the best price. Browse options in the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico.

Elite Destination Homes prides itself on offering a stress-free process and experience. Elite takes care of all the property management and guest services requirements, and can also help you with the accounting and asset management aspects of fractional ownership.

Sell My Timeshare Now

One of the largest timeshare resale sites on the web, Sell My Timeshare Now, the company has begun to offer fractional resales too. Sell My Timeshare can help you find a great deal in almost any location.

With roughly 10,000 visitors on their site daily, this is an active and easy platform to use, especially if you are trying to sell.

Condo Hotel Center

Condo Hotel Center features fractional properties in Hawaii, Florida, California, Italy, Greece, France, and many other locales. Not only can you find amazing new properties around the world on this site, but they are also an excellent resource for resales.

Your Local Realtor

Not everyone who owns a fractional property knows what to do with it. Rather than turning to a professional service, many people list their fractional properties with a traditional realtor.

If you’re looking for a great deal on fractionals, reach out to realtors in your desired area to see if there are any irresistible deals on the market. You might even be able to find real estate agents who specialize in fractionals.

Think Big

With all the available options on the market for fractional ownership, owning a vacation home couldn’t be easier!