In 2018, Seaside was designated as the prettiest town in Florida, and one of the prettiest towns in the United States, by Architectural Digest. As quoted, “Seaside, Florida (one of the country’s first New Urbanism communities) is filled with candy color cottages.”

This town was the location for the 1998 movie, The Truman Show.

The overall architecture is “Florida cracker,” meaning wood-framed homes with big porches and wide balconies that wrap around the entire home. All windows provide cross-ventilation to enjoy the Gulf breezes and use less energy. The wide roof overhangs provide protection from the Florida sun and the summer rains.

Seaside embraces early Florida before its residents became dependent on the automobile. The neighborhoods are near small businesses and walkable.

This section of the Florida Panhandle has the best beaches due to fewer crowds, white sands, and the focus around neighbors.

Seaside has the flavor of true Southern hospitality. Contrastingly, vacation areas in South Florida have the hustle-bustle sense of urban areas in Europe. Although counterintuitive, residents of this state go north to vacation.

According to the 30A Company, “Seaside is not a vacation development. It is a vibrant and evolving community of both year-round residents and seasonal guests united in the belief that life is enhanced when people interact, learn and share through experience.”

A New Fractional Home For Sale

Luxury Fractional Guide is offering the opportunity for you to own a stunning vacation home in this truly unique town through its partnerships with Lifestyle Asset Group.

Lifestyle Asset Group brings together six like-minded equity investors through a “limited liability company” structure. This ownership model allows you to own and enjoy a multi-million-dollar Seaside, Florida, home for a fraction of what it would cost for outright ownership.

Lifestyle Asset Group’s Seaside home features 360-degree views from two balconies! With 12-foot ceilings through the open-concept first floor and a gorgeous dining room area, with oval Carrera marble dining table opening to the kitchen and the main living area, this exquisite home is perfect for entertaining guests or hosting downtime with the family. A seating nook in the front of the house encourages quiet conversations, too.

This house, which sleeps ten, is professionally decorated with an exquisite beach-chic theme throughout and is only steps away from the beach. This home is equipped with a full kitchen, a laundry room, and a private pool with a fireplace and an outdoor shower.

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Karla will answer all your questions, and you will learn more about becoming one of the six fortunate families to collectively own this magnificent vacation home nestled in the heart of the highly-desirable Seaside, Florida, community.