Inspirato Pass is the new service from Inspirato that makes booking your next trip easy and convenient. You can book travel from a list of more than 150,000 trips, as many times as you want, for $2,500 per month. There are no nightly rates, fees, taxes, or long-term commitments with Inspirato Pass. Inspirato Pass is the world’s first luxury travel subscription service, allowing you the freedom of unlimited access to hundreds of destinations around the world.

What is Inspirato Pass?

There are three plans within the Inspirato Pass program:

  • 1 Active Reservation for $2,500/month
  • 2 Active Reservations for $5,000/month
  • 3 Active Reservations for $7,500/month

With each plan, you have the option of customizing your subscription with unlimited sharing privileges for colleagues, family, and friends. These sharing privileges range from $2,500-7,500 per month.

These plans account for how many active reservations you would like to hold at one time, and how you would like to share your Inspirato Pass account with family and friends.

You can choose from luxury hotels, vacation homes, and beautiful resorts where you can stay up to 60 days. You can book as soon as 7 days before your trip, and as far out from your trip as 365 days. In fact, you can reserve your next trip as you check out of your current one. Available new Inspirato trips are updated daily.

You can cancel your trip without penalty up to 72 hours in advance. Any reservations not cancelled before the 72-hour window will face a $250/per night cancellation fee. This ensures that bookings are made and kept so that Inspirato can offer the most up-to-date availability options for its members.

Sharing Privileges

You can share your travel subscription with family, friends, and colleagues with the unlimited sharing privilege option. Without the sharing privilege, you and/or your spouse or partner must be physically present in order to check in to each trip. However, with these additional privileges, you can share your travel with those you love when you are unable to vacation.

Additional Benefits

Not only do you get access to tens of thousands of luxury vacations around the world with Inspirato Pass, but you also receive a dedicated vacation advisor who will assist you with all of your pre-trip planning needs.

You will get access to all Inspirato benefits you know and love, excluding tours. You’ll have an onsite concierge who will assist you with your itinerary and manage your daily requests. You will also enjoy housekeeping each day, who will take care of your cleaning needs and provide fresh linens at no additional charge to you.


Many of these luxury destinations have values of up to $30,000, all of which you can enjoy with a monthly subscription membership of only $2,500. You can visit an African Safari experience or an adventure in New Zealand. The Inspirato Pass is not just limited to land destinations; Inspirato offers luxury vacation cruises including on the Danube River, or a cruise around Greece.

Are Other Costs Included?

While your Inspirato Pass includes your nightly rates, fees, and taxes, you are still responsible for costs incurred during your stay, including parking, internet, activities, and food and beverages. The costs of travel, for example, airline tickets, are not included.

Travel Limits

You can customize your Inspirato Pass to make more than one reservation at a time. This allows you to go from one destination to the next without having to wait in-between trips. Additionally, you can book your next trip on the day you check out of your current one, so you can get back to vacationing quickly.

Should You Try It?

Your initial commitment to Inspirato Pass will be 6 months. You may cancel Inspirato Pass at any time after the fifth month with 30 days of written notice.

In some instances, it may make sense to join Inspirato Pass. If you are already an Inspirato member, you can supplement your membership by adding Pass. This gives you the ability to choose specific travel dates and destinations with your membership, paying as you go, as well as choose from the Inspirato Pass trip list for the flat subscription rate of $2,500 per month.

When you think about the initial membership costs that you may have paid to join Inspirato in the first place, joining the Pass program does add costs. These initial costs include:

  • $10,000 for the Key Membership program
  • $20,000 for the Family Membership program
  • $30,000 for the Executive Membership program

Breaking Down the Numbers

When you break down the monthly subscription fee of the Inspirato Pass, you are looking at $2,500 per month, times 12 months a year, which adds up to a $30,000 per year expense. This program is for the seriously affluent traveler. If you’re planning to travel a lot throughout the year, this may be worth the cost.

If you typically vacation for 5 weeks per year in 5-star luxury homes, it also may be a worthwhile expense to join Pass. With the typical nightly rate in Inspirato landing around $1,400 per night, that means 5 weeks of travel per year would cost around $49,000, and that isn’t counting the membership program fee. You would end up saving about $19,000 per year using the Inspirato Pass program.

You may be wondering, why not just pay $2,500 per month and live full-time in Inspirato residences? Clearly, that would not be a sustainable business for Inspirato. To ensure that Pass makes good economic sense, there is a minimum 7-day period between the check-out date for any Pass trip and the arrival date for your next Pass trip. However, if you would like to to travel more with Inspirato Pass, you can purchase the option with two active reservations. With solid planning, this would enable you to travel each week.