Deciding the perfect vacation for your family can be time-consuming and challenging. With hundreds of vacation homes available from online sites, you may not be confident you’re making the right choice.

Companies like Inspirato and VRBO do their best to narrow down the options for you by providing pictures, reviews, and detailed descriptions of each property. Both provide private residences and condos in resort settings with hotel-like amenities. They also offer stunning accommodation choices in popular vacation destinations with magnificent scenery.  So how do you choose between joining Inspirato or always using VRBO?

Handpicked VRBO Properties (Mammoth, Cabo, Napa and Italy)

Inspirato is a uniquely designed luxury travel club that gives you access to a curated list of luxury properties in desirable locations.  These properties are guaranteed to impress.  However, the upfront fee to join starts at $10,000 and is staggered depending on the features and benefits.

VRBO allows you to rent privately-owned properties for reasonable prices, during times when the owners aren’t occupying them. VRBO is open to anyone, so the most desirable properties can be booked a year in advance by a broad audience. However, it can be difficult to find properties that are guaranteed to be luxurious.

Inspirato Properties Live Up to Their Descriptions

One of the most significant challenges of using VRBO is knowing if the property will live up to the images in the display. Though the listing may say it includes elevator service or a six-seat golf cart for your convenience, many users have found out the hard way that home listed on VRBO don’t always live up to promises. It’s important to remember that legitimate sources don’t always post property reviews on sites like VRBO.

Inspirato leases luxury properties from owners and manages the rentals. Your Inspirato travel planner will help you choose the best property from the list of handpicked, spectacular locations. Once you arrive, you’ll be met with an on-site concierge who will help you set up any additional services you require.

Professional Management

Many VRBO owners don’t employ a professional management service for the property, so you may have restrictions on when, where, and how you can get your keys, or a delay in service when the air conditioning isn’t functioning correctly, or the refrigerator is on the fritz.

Without a management service, you run the risk of a major embarrassment and possibly spoiled vacation. When the property isn’t clean, or the facilities don’t work, instead of relaxing you add needed stress to what is supposed to be your time off. Contacting the owner can be troublesome, and it may take some time to resolve the issues. If you regularly use VRBO for your vacations, the odds are you will eventually have a problem that professional management could have foreseen and solved prior to your arrival.

Inspirato’s full-time professionals provide travel assistance on the front end, a concierge at the back end and excellent customer service throughout your stay for a perfect vacation.

Joining – Upfront Costs

Your Inspirato membership fees pay lock you in to service and destination quality. Choose from three membership levels when joining Inspirato, so you’ll get exactly the services you want. After this, you’ll book your desired destination at a nightly rate.

Basic membership features are all unlocked with a Key membership for just $10,000, which includes six-month advance booking, private event access, and on-site concierge services. Family membership consists of a complimentary trip, 12-month advanced booking, and event access for all adult family members for the low price of $20,000. The Executive membership level at $30,000 includes two complimentary trips and the ability to send guests on a trip on your behalf.

Many of the Inspirato luxury vacation properties have a nightly rate of $800-$1200, but prices can range up to $2,800 per night for the high season. With Inspirato membership, you can choose the destination that aligns with the experience you select.  Searching for properties is simple, convenient, and does not require hours of research, such as

The Difference is Service and Quality Risk

Inspirato is unlikely to offer competitive pricing in comparison to a budget travel service like VRBO. However, the quality of the services, destinations, and amenities offered are worth the investment. Budget booking sites like VRBO simply cannot compete when it comes to a one-stop luxury guarantee.

At every step of the Inspirato travel process, you’ll be treated to exceptional customer service to help you choose from a carefully selected list of stunning properties and the management of every small detail to provide you with the vacation of a lifetime.

The private chef, sommelier, housekeeping, and concierge services just add to the feeling of satisfaction you’ll experience in each of the Inspirato properties.

The company also rewards members with an innovative marketing model with referral bonuses for introducing new members to the service.


Inspirato’s portfolio of 52 residences and 41 resort and hotel properties to which members have access include 24 alpine, 67 beach, 34 metropolitan, 39 lifestyle, and 15 experience destinations.

VRBO gives you access to thousands or rentals, but researching and contacting home owners can be time-consuming.

Cost Comparison

Tuscan estate with Inspirato Comparable VRBO Tuscan estate
Il Campanile, Tuscany, Italy

Magnificent 11th-century estate in the rolling hills of Tuscany is a combination of three villas. Accessed by a winding unpaved road, the residence can house as many as 18 guests in the combined 12,700-square foot residences. With so many on-site amenities, you won’t need to leave the 9-bedroom, 9.5-bathroom estate to enjoy your time under the Tuscan sun.

Villa Buralla and Cottage

This spacious villa near the walled city of Lucca sits on a hilltop offering a 3600 view of the surrounding olive groves. The main residence sleeps 16, while the accompanying cottage will house four more guests. The combined 7,750-square foot space features 8 bedrooms and 7.5 baths.

Initial Fee for Vacation Club $10,000 $0
Fees $0 $411.99
Nightly $1,800 – $3,000 $970/night
Your Hours Spent Planning  15 minutes  3 Hours




*based on 16 people, 12-night occupancy at variable time of year *based on 16 people, 12-night occupancy in April


Guaranteed Luxury Vacation

Although you would save money by always booking with VRBO, many other factors come into play.   Home quality risk, availability risk, cancellation risk, and other risks are all taken out your vacation experience with Inspirato.  Inspirato is a vacation club for the affluent who either do not have time to spend finding the ideal home on VRBO, or want to eliminate all risks from their vacation experience.

Don’t risk your valuable time to poor property management or a residence that doesn’t live up to the description on a public website. Let the professionals at Inspirato book a luxury vacation that is guaranteed to satisfy. Have professional help every time you choose a perfect vacation and be confident you’ve made the right choice.