Successful travelers know that vacations can be frustrating if not well-planned.

Vacation Clubs like Inspirato and Exclusive Resorts give members amazing vacation planning to luxury destinations.

They also both include on-site services like private chefs, housekeepers, and drivers.

Both travel memberships offer private home options as well as resort options with hotel-like amenities.

So how do you determine which membership would be a better fit for your needs?

The Upfront Cost

Inspirato offers luxury travel opportunities with a much smaller initial investment then Exclusive Resorts (Inspirato is about 1/8 the cost upfront!).

Both properties require you to pay a nightly rate to stay at a property.

cabo san lucas swimming poolThe Perks of Luxury Travel

Inspirato and Exclusive Resorts offer many of the same perks. You’ll choose your vacation destination from a handpicked list of world-class luxury properties that are guaranteed to deliver your dream holiday.

At every step of the process, you’ll be treated to exceptional customer service to help you choose from a list of stunning properties and the management of every small detail to provide you the vacation of a lifetime.

Own or Lease Properties

Exclusive Resorts uses the membership fees to buy and manage the homes in which you can stay. As a real estate company, they’re looking for properties that will gain value and be great vacation homes.

You’re guaranteed that every property is spectacular, with travel planners, and a host of other on-site services.

Inspirato’s unique approach leases the luxury properties from owners and manages the properties so they will always meet your expectations.

Getting Out of Your Membership

Members who no longer want to use the Exclusive Resorts service can request to leave with a reimbursement of 75% of their initial membership fee, as long as new buyers are replacing them. It’s a successful model that works if the economy is strong and there are more new members than those who want to pull out their investment.

In a downward trending economy, however, there might be hundreds of members awaiting leave and reimbursement at any given time.

Inspirato doesn’t offer any reimbursement of your initial membership fee.

view from an Exclusive Resorts propertyMembership Plans: Inspirato

Your membership fees pay for extraordinary service and high-quality, exclusive properties at the hottest travel destinations.

Inspirato has three membership levels from which to choose after which you’ll book your destination at a nightly rate.

The basic membership one-time fee is $10,000, and allows members to book six months in advance.

Family membership allows 12-month advanced booking and includes a complimentary trip for a start-up fee of $20,000.

The Executive membership costs $30,000 and includes two complimentary trips. You can also send guests on a trip on your behalf.

Many Inspirato properties are from $800 per night, but prices can range up to $2,800 per night depending on the season, the destination and the specific property. Inspirato helps you match the membership and destinations that meet the level of travel you expect.

Membership Plans: Exclusive Resorts

Exclusive Resorts members pay an initial fee of $85,000 to join the travel service. From there, they choose to travel between 15-30 days per year which is billed as an annual payment of $1,250 per day of travel.

For a higher initial startup fee of $250,000, members have the option to gift the membership as an inheritance. This 30-year membership plan offers the same travel day choices of 15-30 days annually at the same daily rate.

Members of either plan with 30+ days can transfer or sell a portion of their days to anyone they choose, which is a unique benefit. Members are also allowed to share travel days under the conditions of the “Gifted Weeks” program.

Cost Comparison



Exclusive Resorts membership
Initial Fee $10,000 -$30,000 $85,000-$250,000
% fee refundable 0 75%
Nightly Rates $800 – $2,800 $1,250 per night
# of nights Unlimited, no minimum 15-30 minimum
Vacation options 800 400
Locations 150 120
% homes owned 0
Members 14,000+ ±4,200


The Winner

Both companies offer amazing vacations for affluent travelers.  However, the opportunity cost associated with shelling out an $85,000 upfront fee for Exclusive Resorts make Inspirato the winner from a financial perspective.

However, as you research both companies you may find destinations or availability is better at Exclusive Resorts.  Which vacation club will you choose?