Travel is expensive. When parting with your hard-earned cash, maximize value with vacation ownership.

Your options include a timeshare, fractional ownership of a home, or a club that takes away the hassle of vacation planning.

Marriott Vacation Club is one of the more well-known vacation timeshare clubs. They excel at managing resorts.

Inspirato is a unique luxury travel membership that gives you access to a curated list of properties with incredible service.

Marriott and Inspirato both offer travel options in popular destinations, but each provides a different type of value.


The company leases homes and manages them so they will always meet your expectations. Inspirato assigns you a travel planner that will review specific locations handpicked based on your requirements.

Inspirato provides concierges to make any arrangements you and your guests may require.


Marriott created Marriott Vacation Club® over 30 years ago and has served more than 400,000 families during that time. Flexibility with its point-based ownership program allows travelers to choose where and how long to vacation. Choices include more than 5,000 vacation options worldwide, from resort stays to cruises, to guided group tours and more.

Marriott offers 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom properties of several types: villas, townhomes, studios, suites, and guest rooms. Marriott Credit cards can earn you travel rewards and points available to use at many properties.


Inspirato has 179 properties around the globe, compared to hundreds of hotels and resort choices offered by Marriott.

Destinations Inspirato *

* as of September, 2017

Marriott Vacation Club


Mountain 24 9
Beach 67 33
City 34 9
Theme Parks None 11
Golf & Lifestyle 39 58

Safari & Sporting

15 None
Partner Properties None 3,000 Marriott®  hotels and resorts around the globe


Marriott Vacation Club is not easy to understand. Banking, borrowing, points: This can be a full-time job trying to figure out what you can and can’t qualify for. One of the main reasons people chose Inspirato is due to its simplicity and convenience.


Marriott is open to anyone, so the most popular and appealing properties are often booked a year in advance. It can be hard to find the most luxurious properties available during peak times.

Are Inspirato members guaranteed the availability of when they want to go? Probably not. This is a problem with both clubs.

Quality: The Difference is Service

Marriott is considerably less expensive than Inspirato.  However, the quality of the services, destinations, and amenities at Marriott are nowhere near the quality offered by Inspirato’s.

Throughout the entire process, Inspirato provides stellar, personalized customer service to help you choose stunning properties and provide you the vacation of a lifetime.

Inspirato’s full-time professionals provide travel assistance on the front end, a concierge at the back end and exquisite customer service. The available private chef, sommelier, housekeeping, and concierge services just add to the feeling of luxury when staying at an Inspirato property.

Inspirato wins in quality by far. But you are paying three to five times more than Marriott ownership for this.

Resorts vs. Homes

Marriot is always going to be a resort experience with on-site golf, on-site pools, restaurants. So overall, it is a different type of vacation. If you have kids and like to experience lots of pools and other on-site amenities at your location, then Marriott may be a great option. Most likely Marriott will not have daily housekeeping, but neither will Inspirato. Both will have kitchens, but if cooking is one of your main priorities the Inspirato homes are going to be better stocked, bigger, and much nicer. Some of the Marriot resorts are older and not even close to the 5-star experience of every single Inspirato home.

Travel Needs Change Over Time

Everyone likes to travel, but travel needs may change as you age or change income levels. Having small children or aging parents affects destination choices, travel styles, and what services are required. Will either Inspirato or the Marriott vacation club fulfill your vacation needs 10-15 years from now?

Choose Inspirato for a Guaranteed Luxury Vacation

For luxury and personalized service, Inspirato beats Marriott every time. You can count on the accuracy of the Inspirato property descriptions.

The extra cost for Inspirato may be worth the price, given the quality and scale of service provided compared to Marriott timeshares.