Interval International Overview

In the timeshare industry, only a select few timeshare exchange companies can parallel the prestige, luxury, and service of Interval International.

When you take a closer look at the company’s impressive history and infrastructure, you’ll see the reputation is well-earned. The international timeshare exchange program boasts more than 25 years of experience in offering members luxurious, flexible, and exclusive vacations options.

As one of the largest timeshare exchange companies in the world, Interval International features close to 2 million members and 3,200 resort locations in more than 80 different countries. It enables a timeshare holder to trade their Interval International affiliated resort week or points for other Interval International locations or resorts for a fee.

But with Interval International, it’s more than just a numbers game: Their reputation is not merely based on quantity, but also on quality. Their locations include some of the most sought-after timeshare resorts in the industry.

In fact, Interval International goes to extensive lengths to ensure the resorts they are affiliated with meet and adhere to the requirements of their self-developed and enforced Quality Rating System. This ensures, no matter where you stay, you are enjoying the top-quality comfort and luxury that only Interval International can guarantee.

How Does Interval International Work?

The process for exchanging with Interval International is a relatively straightforward and simple: To use the Interval International timeshare program, the timeshare you own must be affiliated with Interval International.

While this may require that you pay an additional membership fee based on the membership level of your choice, it may also already be included in your current membership fee. In fact, many of the world’s top timeshare developers, including Hyatt and Marriott, include Interval International timesharing opportunities in their membership fees.

With an Interval International timeshare membership, each member is given a timeshare week. This week can then be deposited in order to take advantage of Interval’s incredible timeshare network and exchanged for time spent at another resort, allowing members the unique opportunity of spending time in a new resort without purchasing multiple weeks.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of Interval International membership, because of the huge network they administer, members have the unique opportunity to visit exciting new locations each time they exchange.

interval international exchange resort in Park City

Why Choose Interval International?

When it comes to benefits enjoyed by Interval International members, the perks are nearly as endless as the variety of resort choices.

Interval International – Endless Choices

The sheer size of Interval International’s network cannot be overstressed as a huge benefit to members. Unlike the offerings available from smaller competitors, the variety of choices available ensures you always have your pick of options that suit your preferences.

But the variation in selection doesn’t end there. On top of enjoying access to various hotels, as an Interval International member, you have the opportunity to take advantage of other, less traditional vacation offers, including cruises and golf retreats, among others.

Interval International – Quality Control

And not only are your options nearly unlimited, but they are also the cream of the crop. In fact, Interval International members enjoy access to some of the most sought-after and exclusive resorts and travel destinations in the world.

This is thanks to Interval International strict adherence to the policies and requirements set forth in their Quality Rating System concerning their affiliated resorts and timeshares.

Interval International – Choose from Various Membership Levels

In order to be a member of Interval International’s exchange program, you must pay the basic membership fee of $89. This covers you for one year of membership from the date of purchase. You can pay an upgrade fee to receive additional discounts and benefits.

  • Basic

1 year – $89

2 years – $178

3 years – $227

5 years – $356

  • Gold

An upgrade to Gold membership costs $64. A multi-year membership can save you money.

1 year – $64 + Basic Membership Fee $89 = $153

2 years – $128 + Basic Membership Fee = $306

3 years – $163 + Basic Membership Fee = $390

5 years – $256 + Basic Membership Fee = $612

  • Platinum

An upgrade to Platinum membership provides you with a $50 discount off each getaway and free guest certificates. The upgrade costs $139 on top of your basic membership.

1 year – $139 + Basic Membership Fee = $228

2 years – $278 + Basic Membership Fee = $584

3 years – $354 + Basic Membership Fee = $581

5 years – $556 + Basic Membership Fee = $912

The following chart shows you the fees and discounts for 1-year, 3-year and 5-year memberships at each level.

Membership Type Cost (if paid upfront) Cost (if paid year by year) Savings
1-Year Basic Membership Fee $89 $89 $0
3-Year Basic Membership Fee $227 $267 $40
5-Year Basic Membership Fee $356 $445 $89
1-Year Basic Membership Fee + Gold Upgrade Fee $153 $153 $0
3-Year Basic Membership Fee + Gold Upgrade Fee $390 $459 $69
5-Year Basic Membership Fee + Gold Upgrade Fee $612 $765 $153
1-Year Basic Membership + Platinum Upgrade Fee $228 $228 $0
3-Year Basic Membership Fee + Platinum Upgrade Fee $581 $684 $103
5-Year Basic Membership Fee + Platinum Upgrade Fee $912 $1,140 $228

To extend your membership on a week-by-week basis, it will cost you $39 per week. However, your expiration date does not change. If you do not renew your membership with 120 days of your expiration date, you may be required to pay a $200 reinstatement fee.

Other Interval International Membership Benefits

  • Getaway Discounts for Gold and Platinum Members

Gold members receive $25 off Getaways. Book three a year and you’ve covered your upgrade fee.

Platinum members receive $50 off Getaways. Three Getaways a year is definitely worth the upgrade.

  • Hotel Savings for Gold and Platinum Members

Interval International works with Orbitz, and members receive a discount on their hotel reservations. Members must book through the to receive their discount. Gold members receive a 5% discount and Platinum receive a 10% discount. You receive your rebate 10 days after checking out of the hotel.

  • Free Guest Certificates for Platinum Members

Platinum members can give their vacations or Getaways to someone else without incurring a fee of $59 for each guest certificate.

  • ShortStay Exchanges for Gold and Platinum Members

Interval International ShortStay exchanges for 1-6 nights instead of the regular 7-night minimum requirement. They can be booked up to 30 days before check-in. Fees for an online confirmation range from $129 – $159 and for a call center transaction are $149 – $179.

  • Platinum Escapes

These limited time offers are only published a few times a year and are only available for Platinum members. Vacations can be as low as $49 per week, but the inventory is limited.

  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for Gold and Platinum Members

Enroll in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for free to earn points each time you rent a car. Once you have accumulated enough points, you earn a free rental.

  • Dining Connection for Gold and Platinum Members

Earn special perks from one of Interval International’s 170 partner restaurants. Perks include free appetizers, a table visit from the chef, and kitchen tours.

  • Golf Connection for Gold and Platinum Members

This perk gives you access to 900 private North American golf courses. You can also receive a 15% discount on golf equipment and search for tee times online.

  • Discount on Cruises for Gold and Platinum Members

Book a $4,000 cruise through and receive a $100 discount. A $1,999 cruise earns a $25 discount.

Enjoy Resorts All Over the World With Interval International

The Interval International resorts and timeshare destinations can be found all over the world, which means your travel possibilities as a member are nearly endless. Just some of the popular destinations among members include:

  • Aruba’s Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

This luxurious 1-bath studio can accommodate a family of four just steps from Aruba’s white sand beaches and warm tropical water. This location is a dream for golfers because it is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped 9-hole golf course and training facility. After a round of golf make your way to the exclusive clubhouse and enjoy the water view from the lounge or dine in one of the gourmet restaurants.

  • Portugal’s Clube Praia da Oura

This wonderful retreat is located on the Algarves Golden Beach. With a 24-hour reception and a wide range of incredible on-site facilities that include a beauty salon, piano bar, bowling green, and two swimming pools. The 1-bath studio can comfortably accommodate two people.

  • The United Arab Emirate’s Royal Club at Palm-Jumeirah

This stunning resort is located in the prestigious and rapidly-growing vacation destination of Dubai. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and a variety of water sports including a world-class diving center. Experience the shopping, dining, and nightlife of this exciting city in a beautifully appointed 1-bedroom, 1-bath unit.

  • Colorado’s Skier’s Edge

With more than 70 miles of ski trails, this is a skier’s haven. But don’t miss out on summer water-rafting and alpine slide rides if you are an outdoorsman. Challenge yourself in the human maze and soak in the tranquility of your surroundings in a studio that accommodates four.

  • Hawaii’s Kahana Falls

Beautiful Maui welcomes you to enjoy fishing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving from this deluxe 2 -bedroom, 2-bath suite that can accommodate eight.

  • Calypso Cay Vacation Villas

This 2-bedroom, 2-bath suite can accommodate eight in Kissimmee, Florida. Kissimmee is the closest town to Walt Disney World, so you will be only a 10-minute drive from all the festivities in a variety of theme parks. This beautiful resort offers a pool with a waterslide, poolside bar, and a family picnic area. Enjoy everything central Florida has to offer from Gatorland to Ripley’s Believe It or Not in a relaxed Caribbean-like atmosphere.

How it Works: Exchanging with Interval International

In addition to your membership fee, regardless of level, you must pay an exchange fee of $189 per week. Members using to book their exchange are eligible for a $10 discount.

Knowing how to successfully and deftly work an exchange with any timeshare exchange program is vital to maximizing the potential of your timeshare ownership.

Think of exchanging skills as a toolset that you can use to either bargain for vacations in various, high-demand locations or during sought-after high-season times. You have several options you can use to get the location, week and size of unit you desire.

  • Request First

This feature offered by Interval International enables you to request high-demand weeks without taking your points until a reservation is confirmed. If you cancel your request, your points are returned to you.

  • Deposit First

This option requires you to deposit your points before an exchange request can be made. When using request first or deposit first you only have 24 hours to cancel the trade, or you will incur additional fees.

  • Preference

This program enables owners to exchange properties before the general population can make reservations. Hyatt owners cannot use the Interval International exchange program. Instead, they get preference through the Hyatt system.

  • E-Plus

For a small fee of $54, this new tool enables Interval International members to exchange their confirmed week up to three additional times in order to get the best week for their circumstances. The unit must be the same size, or you may incur an additional fee.

Check out the Interval International Choose2 Program to Get More Out of Your Timeshare

The Choose2 program allows you to gain an extra week of vacation after you exchange into a week. Only some resorts and destinations participate, so the availability is limited and confined to low season destinations, but if you have some flexibility, this is a lucrative opportunity for additional vacation time.

Things to Remember

  • Interval International Check-In

With the exception of ShortStay exchanges, check-in is typically Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • Upgrade Fees

To reserve a larger unit than the one you have deposited, you will have to pay an upgrade fee of $99 per upgrade step, so a studio to a 1-bedroom unit is $99. Gold members pay $79, and Platinum members pay $59.

  • Exchanging Rental Weeks

Renting your exchange week is strictly forbidden, and your membership can be terminated if you are caught. You can use a guest certificate to gift your exchange week to another individual.