This month’s fabulous new properties take us from the mountains to the beach and the ski slopes. Also, Terry Chester, contractor and fractional developer, shares his thoughts on the value of fractional ownership in the current economy.

LFG Fractional News – November 2008

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What’s New November 2008

November 2008
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Turn Your Vacation Home Into a Fractional

F2M Cover
Luxury Fractional Guide founder Sherman Potvin has written a guide for  second-home owners wanting to get the most value out of their luxury vacation residence.  


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A Contractor’s Perspective on Fractional Real Estate Investments

Terry Chester, an LFG client and owner of two spectacular fractional homes on Fripp Island in South Carolina (La Coeur de Terre and L’Ange de Mer) wrote the following article sharing his perspective on why fractional ownership is a great investment even in a shaky economy:
Fractional Real Estate: A Great Investment in Any Economy 

A recent article from Kristy Eppley Rupon of the McClatchy-Tribune News Service headlined: “Investors put money into homes rather than stocks”, recycling the old adage that real estate – particularly luxury homes – is the only sure way not to go wrong in investments. When so many investors have lost large percentages of their paper wealth in the recent stock market debacle, the benefits of a tangible asset versus a stock portfolio snapshot is brought painfully home.


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