Here is a list of private jet companies that sell fractional ownership or membership plans.


XOJET  membership program that encompasses both occasional flyers and globetrotters.   XOJET is a simple and flexible way to access private jet usage.   Members pay only for usage and time.

Delta Private Jets

Delta offers private charters (on-demand), but not actually fractional ownership.

Jet The World

Jet The World is a pre-paid private jet membership plan.

Partners In Aviation

Partners in Aviation is a true fractional ownership model, where multi-owners split time and maintenance costs of a single private jet.


FlexJet is fractional ownership for flyers that desire to fly more than 50 hours per year.


NetJets is one of the biggest fractional ownership of jets businesses around.


JetSmarter is another Jet Card plan for chartering, not fractional ownership.

Nicholas Air

Nicholas Air offers a jet-sharing program through fractional ownership.