Flagstaff, AZ – Fractional Vacation Home
Flagstaff, AZ
Beautiful View $157,625 per 1/8th share - Fractional Home LLC
4 Bedrooms 2015 Year Built

Your Escape to Flagstaff:  A Fractional Home

A vacation home is now attainable for families living in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Introducing a buyer group forming to purchase a home in Flagstaff, AZ—a haven for families seeking adventure.

Why We Chose Flagstaff

Flagstaff stands as a beacon of outdoor enjoyment and natural beauty.

  • Cool Summers: Escape the relentless heat of over 100 degrees in Phoenix. Flagstaff’s temperate summer weather invites you for hikes, picnics, and outdoor adventures.
  • Proximity: A manageable drive from Phoenix means spontaneous weekend getaways.
  • Winter Fun: A stone’s throw from Snowbowl Resort, your family can revel in skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports galore.

Seeking Co-Owners

We’re a family from Gilbert, AZ, and we love visiting Flagstaff, AZ, all year round. In summer, we enjoy mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful trails around Flagstaff. During winter, skiing is our favorite activity.

We’re looking to buy a home in Flagstaff with other families.  As of March 2024, we have five families interested in purchasing together.  Our home search begins when eight buyers commit to a purchase.

We think owning a home together is a great way to participate in real estate appreciation and have lower costs associated with vacation home ownership.

If you would like to co-own a home in Flagstaff, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s make it a reality and create a place to enjoy our favorite activities.

Embrace Flexibility and More Vacations

The eight-owner usage schedule allows up to eleven yearly trips (45 total nights). Flexibility is vital, whether it’s a weekend escape or a more extended stay.

Invite your family and friends or trade days with other owners. It’s your home on your terms.

About The Home

  • 4 bedrooms, 2300+ square feet
  • On 0.5 acres or more of land
  • Near to Snowbowl, downtown, and trails
  • Great views
  • Updated interior

Cost-Effective Ownership

We believe in transparent, low-cost ownership:

  • No Management Fees: Say goodbye to hefty management fees, keeping your monthly costs affordable.
  • Low Expenses: Benefit from Arizona’s low annual taxes.   Maintenance expenses are kept low with shared ownership.
  • Exclusivity: Vacation rentals are off-limits, ensuring your home stays pristine for every visit.
  • Self-Clean Model: Owners contribute to the home’s upkeep, by leaving the home prepped and tidy for the next owners stay. Bi-annual professional cleanings ensure the house remains in top condition,

Join us in making this dream a reality.  For more information, contact Clint at [email protected] or 714-553-5162


  • Total home value: $1,200,000 – $1,560,000
  • Furniture and fixtures value:  $32,000
  • Additions such as storage cages and amenities, legal, misc:  $30,000
  • Total all-in cost:  $1,261,000 – $1,602,000
  • Cost per 1/8th share:  $157,625 -$210,000


  • Rotating on a 4/5 night schedule allows more trips and weekend stays throughout the year.
  • 11 total yearly vacations, including up to 7 weekend stays.
  • Guaranteed summer stays.
  • Let your family and guests visit anytime.
  • Trade days with other owners to extend your stay.

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  • $401/month per share covers all costs, including utilities, taxes, maintenance, and a reserve fund for future expenses.  View Monthly Budget here.


  • LLC with an operating agreement and eight partners, formed by fractional ownership attorney.
  • A 9-year holding period guarantees that the home will be sold as a whole ownership home so all owners can cash out.
  • New initiatives and owner ideas are brought to vote for the owner group. The voting software used is Election Buddy.
  • The owner-designated manager pays $0 maintenance fees in exchange for running the home.  The owner-manager is responsible for utilities, maintenance requests, bills, landscaping, calendar updates, cleaners, and general owner questions.

Home Personalization

Your shared vacation home is a personalized retreat.  The house will be equipped with individual storage lockers or cages for each owner. This solution allows the aesthetics to remain neutral while allowing each owner to infuse their touch. Upon arrival, you can retrieve items from your dedicated storage space—your favorite coffee machine, cozy sheets, blankets, preferred clothing, or leisure equipment such as snow toys, mountain bikes, and skis.

Selling the Home

With a 9-year holding period, the operating agreement guarantees a future home sale.   The holding period ensures that all owners get to share in the home’s profits and that no owner gets locked into owning a share they can no longer use.

Your Adventure Awaits

This fractional home isn’t just a property; it’s a lifestyle investment for families who yearn for the great outdoors without the hassle of traditional home ownership. In Flagstaff, every season brings a new adventure; every visit feels like coming home.

For more information, contact Clint at [email protected] or 714-553-5162



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