Lifestyle Asset Group

Lifestyle Asset Group
Fractional Ownership with Exchanges $88,000 and up - Ownership/Equity Fund

Own a Fraction of a Vacation Home and Travel to Thousands of Destinations.

With shared home ownership, Lifestyle Asset Group offers a luxury experience like no other.   Investors can gain from appreciation of home values, plus visit thousands of destinations globally.

True Ownership of a Home

To join Lifestyle asset you purchase a fraction in one of their currently listed homes.

This gives you vacation usage in that home and entitles you to the profits when the home is sold in 8-10 years.

To view their homes for sale click here.

Hassle-Free Ownership of A Vacation Home

Lifestyle Asset Group manages all the cleaning and maintenance and scheduling that goes along with your homeownership.

Lifestyle Asset Group also rents out your property for you and uses that income to offset the costs of ownership.

Access Thousands of Properties with Your Ownership

As an owner of a property, you automatically become a member of Elite Alliance.    Elite Alliance is a destination exchange system that only offers the most luxurious resorts and homes.   With destinations in both resorts and luxury homes, you have an amazing selection of vacations.

Lifestyle Asset Group Benefits

  • Easy to Resell Your Fraction– Lifestyle Asset Group guarantees the entire home will be sold in 8-10 years, and you’ll get your investment plus appreciation back when the home is sold.
  • Co-ownership Is Great!– Lifestyle Asset Group’s rules and regulations ensure all investors are taking good care of the home, meaning everyone gets a fair deal. That’s a peace of mind policy, which works well for co-ownership.
  • I Even Get Rental Income? – Lifestyle Asset Group manages a rental pool, which means you can earn income to offset your yearly maintenance fees.
  • Guaranteed Quality – Lifestyle’s offerings are premium with homes in the $2 million to $10 million range. The homes are often fully remodeled and newly furnished for the purpose of shared ownership.

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View the fractional homes for sale below.

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