Rocksure Luxury Residence Portfolios
Equity Fund $147,500 and up - Ownership/Equity Fund

Traditional equities and bonds have a place in every portfolio. Many people, however, look for more exciting or exotic investments which come with financial and personal advantages—including second homes.

Rocksure Vacation properties combine the concept of an investment with second home. In that combination, however, Rocksure works to make the ownership of a second home easy—especially for individuals who might have limited time to spend in a luxury residence.

rocksure villaThe Rocksure Concept

Rocksure’s goal is to provide as many options as possible for vacation stays. In exchange for the initial investment, owners can choose from a variety of properties within their portfolio.

Each portfolio includes several 5-star properties providing plenty of space for you and your family to stay. Villas include a housekeeper/cook, and apartments feature daily housekeeping service. City properties are in prime downtown areas, close to historic sites, restaurants, and shops.

You are investing in a group of properties, but also have access to them for the duration of the investment. After seven to ten years, the properties are sold, and the owners benefit from any gains realized during that time.


Investors are owners of the properties, based on the amount of their investment. The minimum investment is the Half Unit, which requires around $167,500 for the Manhattan portfolio.

As owners of a variety of properties, you share the cost of maintenance, taxes, and other expenses, including staff. In exchange for the investment, however, each owner can spend roughly ten nights at the properties in the portfolio.

One advantage of this investment is the individual owners do not need to handle transactions abroad. The portfolio manages the time and expenses of these transactions.

Concierge and Staff

The benefits of ownership include the ability to reserve stays in a variety of locations during the term of the investment. Staff is available for you during your stay, and you have a personal Rocksure Concierge to coordinate arrangements.

The Concierge is always a phone call away to ensure your stay is comfortable. The Concierge manages the property, confirms you know where everything is and how it works, and organizes the staff.

If you are in a city apartment, daily housekeepers make sure everything is orderly and change the linen as needed. If you stay at a country villa, your Concierge arranges a Housekeeper/Cook to look after you. This valued staff member will ensure you have lunch or dinner six days a week.

The Concierge can also connect you with many other local services, including car rentals, excursions, nannies, chefs, and beauty treatments.

rocksure fractional home poolThe Properties

Rocksure city apartments are all at least 1,500 square feet (140 square meters). They have two bedrooms and two bathrooms and are conveniently located near amenities. You can expect daily maid service and have access to concierge services as needed. Apartments feature a gourmet kitchen and modern Wi-Fi and electronics.

The villas have between four and six bedrooms and generous common space. Most have dining rooms and game rooms, and all have swimming pools. The villas are situated on well-maintained and appointed land. Each includes a Housekeeper/Cook who provides breakfast, as well as either lunch or dinner per your requirements.

The Portfolios

The Rocksure portfolios offer investments around the world. Currently, they offer three in Europe, two in North America, and two in Asia. Each portfolio includes a variety of properties.

For example, the European Capital Portfolio focuses owning apartments in the most attractive cities in Europe. Currently, this portfolio has properties in Paris, Vienna, Venice, Prague, and Barcelona, and soon in Rome.


Ownership requires the ability to make a significant financial investment. Once you are an owner, you have access to the Shareholder’s login, which allows reservations and other communication.

Rocksure Properties provides its owners with the ability to have vacation experiences free of many of the expenses of maintaining properties. The appeal of Rocksure’s features—and the flexibility of the program—will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment.

Additional Details

  • Annual Fees: $1,600 and up
  • Usage: 7 nights or more
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Rocksure Luxury Residence Portfolios

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