Silver Beach Resort and Spa – Dominica, Caribbean
Hanover St, Roseau, Dominica
$220,000 and up - Fractional Resort

About 1,400 miles south of Miami, Florida, sits the beautiful Dominica, home to the second largest boiling spring in the world. Here in this geothermal paradise, you can truly escape to a place that offers the highest of luxury and comfort in the eco-friendliest way possible.

With miles upon miles of trails adorned with spectacular waterfalls and lush greenery, this island is a treasure trove for adventure-seekers and travelers alike, who can find another breathtaking and exciting source of exploration in the many volcanic springs scattered throughout the island.

Besides providing numerous opportunities for adventurous activities, the resort sits on Picard Beach, so you can spend the morning hiking and then cool off in the refreshing water. The resort also offers more than ten different gardens for contemplation, relaxation, or simply a chance to sit and enjoy their beauty.

With all-day dining on a patio that overlooks the beach, you can enjoy spectacular views whenever you want. Whether you are out exploring the island, sitting quietly in a garden, or enjoying a delicious outdoor meal, you feel immersed in a tropical paradise.

A final point to note is that through purchasing shares or full-titled units, you can gain second citizenship, which may be of interest to those especially looking to study at one of Dominica’s renowned medical schools.

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  • Annual Days of Use: 7 and up


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