The Equity Platinum Fund, LP has been purchasing luxury homes in top vacation destinations in the US and internationally.

As an investor, you become entitled to stay in the $2 million – $4 million homes in the portfolio.   Your usage varies from 2 to 6 weeks per year depending on the season.  This gives you a no-hassle investment, as all homes are maintained by the fund.

The homes will be sold within 10-years, and all proceeds and appreciation will be returned to the investors.

Low Upfront and Maintenance Costs

Best of all, an investment in the Platinum Fund only starts at $146,000.

Due to the rental program, the annual costs are around $3,000. Investors also have an option to pay no annual fee without usage.


Since 2012, investors have enjoyed great returns. Homes in the Equity Villa Fund portfolio, the first real estate offering, have appreciated by over 50%.

The current destinations include Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Lake Tahoe, Italy, Florida, and Hawaii with more locations on the horizon.

The Equity Platinum Fund invites accredited investors to experience rent-free vacations in top destinations.

To speak with Greg Salley at Equity Residences email [email protected] or call (858) 213-0579.

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