The November elections, the record breaking Stock market as well as the Trump administration vowing to ease the cumbersome regulations which have strangled vacation ownership developers for so long have all breathed a breath of fresh air into the Fractional Real Estate market.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have received calls time and again from developers declaring they are now in a position to create that Fractional program they had planned some years ago. It is so exciting to hear the enthusiasm they have for the shared ownership real estate marketplace.

They are fairly confident they can now obtain “end-user” financing as we see finance companies and banks once again showing interest in financing shared ownership. Developers understand that with reasonable financing for their buyers in place they can increase sales by as much as 31% according to Fractional statistics guru Richard Ragatz .

In the coming months, we will be adding several new properties to our guide. Just this past week we have quoted new Fractional properties in Florida (two), two in the Caribbean and two in California. We are so delighted to have the fractional marketplace back in full gear.

Because of this renewed share interest, I am now encouraged to write my blog much more often. I also plan to invite guest executive/writers of Residence clubs, Exchange clubs, Yacht clubs and Private jet clubs all of whom are totally involved in “our world” describing their interesting business known as alternative, shared ownership.