You’ve never vacationed until you’ve vacationed with Inspirato.

This luxury club features only the créme de la créme of short-term vacation rentals, from Nantucket mansions to Sonoma cottages.

Destinations such as Italy, Mexico, and Beijing allow members to delve into hidden treasures, experiencing pools, vineyards, and architectural marvels.

However, Inspirato isn’t the only elite getaway option out there. Several vacation rental websites are now offering luxury homes, without upfront membership fees.

Airbnb Versus Inspirato

Airbnb is a household name for vacation rentals– yet; most people don’t realize the extent of high-end homes on the famous website. Finding $1,500/ per night options is easy on Airbnb.

And those thousands of expensive Airbnb locations are undoubtedly luxurious, and instant booking is simple.

However, hidden among those thousands of homes are duds: bare rooms, dirty sheets, and landlords with no time for your requests. Airbnb can’t guarantee the personal service that a member can get from Inspirato.

In summary, Airbnb is always a bit of a gamble.

Do you want to hang your once-a-year vacation on chance?

HomeAway Versus Inspirato

HomeAway is essentially an Airbnb clone for the luxury market. HomeAway includes two upscale brands.

The first, HomeAway Luxury, lists stunning villas in premium locations. This program draws from HomeAway and skims the most expensive listings. The homes are still self-listed by hosts.

VRBO, also owned by HomeAway, markets itself as an Airbnb alternative for people who know the difference between standard rentals and true world-class taste.

But both are essentially Airbnb repackaged, again, with all the same potential problems.

Oasis Collections Versus Inspirato

The last thing you want on your vacation is imperfection. Vacation is your rare chance to get away.

Then again, there is such a thing as too perfect, and Oasis Collections might fit that bill.

This old-school luxury company provides a fancy hotel experience at each rental. That’s why your time in an Oasis home may feel as impersonal as a Hyatt.

Oasis is for business travelers, and locations are in major cities – not tourist destinations.

If you’re looking for local flavor and flair, Oasis is not the way to go. However, if you want to feel like someone’s client, this service will suit you.

Oasis even provides tiny hotel shampoo bottles in each of its locations, completing the hotel ambiance.

On the one hand, you can’t argue it isn’t luxury. Oasis homes are beautiful.

On the other, there’s something inorganic about Oasis.

The idea behind Oasis destinations is that you’ll be leaving within a few days.

Quintess Versus Inspirato

The luxury vacation company Quintess may be one of the few true rivals to Inspirato.

Quintess homes are mind-blowing, and its service is on par with the best the worldwide tourist industry has to offer.

The problem is the expense. The up-front cost of Quintess ranges from $75,000 to $125,000. Annual dues can be as high as $66,000. On top of that, you still must pay for each rental.

Why shell out when you can get a trip with Inspirato for a fraction of the price?

Inspirato Value

Make no mistake: Inspirato is expensive. Up-front membership costs a minimum $10,000, and the lowest annual dues will run you $3,400.

Most Americans overspend on getaways, sometimes using 10% of their annual income.

Cut that rate in half, and you’ll get your ideal maximum vacation budget. If you’re a diehard vacationer willing to make this investment, you should bring in at least $400,000 annually to enjoy a full Inspirato vacation once per year.

Jaunt: Inspirato’s Value Option

Inspirato does have a more affordable option: Jaunt, its last-minute trip service.

The idea is that an Inspirato member can go on a sudden trip or an unplanned weekend away without sacrificing quality. Sometimes last-minute is the best way to travel!

Some Jaunt rentals cost as little as $295 per night.

Though Jaunt is more affordable than renting an Inspirato villa, it’s also a members-only benefit, so the membership cost is the same. Still, the more you use Jaunt, the better the deal.

If you only use Inspirato Jaunt – no other Inspirato rentals- for over five years, you are saving money.

The Price of Luxury

The simple truth is you get what you pay for. Inspirato is made to be exclusive.

The fact there are few locations – just shy of a thousand – and a small pool of members means the company can focus on your personal experience.

Inspirato is a curator for a collection of beautiful houses. It’s an inspired idea, which is what the word inspirato means in Italian.

The Fine Print

Of course, it’s important to be aware of the quirks of any service. Inspirato is no different.

For one, the company’s cancellation policy is strict. If you cancel within 29 days of your stay, you won’t receive a refund.

If you want a refund on your credit card, expect to get less. Canceling six months in advance will allow you to recover 95% of your money. At three months, you’ll only receive 75%.

In the case of bad weather, Inspirato’s policy is that the show must – and will – go on.

There’s a reason that Inspirato is one of the most popular vacation rental agencies in the world. A bevy of dazzling destinations awaits, along with priceless memories.

You know you’re worth this.