Vacation clubs are a popular way for travelers to experience luxury vacations without the hassle of organizing every detail themselves. They are typically exclusive to members and may include full ownership of included properties, fractional ownership, or an investment-based option that doesn’t equate to ownership but still provides access to the properties in the club’s portfolio.

Through such clubs, members have access to incredible places and experiences. For example, members can go on a guided trip to Antarctica, an African Safari, or a luxurious beach vacation. What is certain is the most exclusive vacation clubs offer access to locales many can only dream of visiting.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the world’s most exclusive vacation clubs offering luxury experiences.

Equity Estates

equity estates sunsetWith access to multi-million dollar properties in locations such as Thailand, Switzerland, Austria and more, members are guaranteed luxury with Equity Estates. Whether they’re looking for an exclusive hotel condominium or a five-star, private residence with state-of-the-art equipment and a host of amenities, Equity Estates has them covered.

When members invest in Equity Estates, they receive access to a large portfolio of residences valued in the range of $2-$5 million. When members check into the property, they can expect a fully-stocked fridge and five-star service.

Private yacht tours of the Galapagos Islands, a Barcelona city stay, a Botswana African Safari, European luxury bike tours are just a few of the experiences members can have with Equity Estates.

But access to this exclusive club is not for the budget-conscious. Annual fees start at $12,500 per year and go up from there.

Exclusive Resorts

exclusive resorts cabo entranceFounded by entrepreneurial brothers Brent and Brad Handler and then sold to AOL co-founder Steve Case, Exclusive Resorts is definitely for the wealthy but is also one of the world’s largest luxury vacation clubs. Membership fees start at $85,000 for the most basic level.

Members receive access to 400-plus extremely high-end residences and vacations across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas. They also receive discounts on private jets, a personal vacation concierge to coordinate every small detail, and the option to pass on their membership to future generations via its 30-year inheritable membership option.

Members can schedule a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica or a get-a-way to a private, 4,000-square-foot beachfront residence without having to lift a finger. Exclusive Resorts handle all the details.


inspirato stunning viewInspirato ’s, membership is quite diverse with options starting at $10,000 per year. But the executive membership option, which costs $30,000 per annum, is the more exclusive option for luxury vacation seekers.

While Inspirato began as a business offering high-end rental properties direct from owners, it has changed to offer “mega-million-dollar” vacation accommodations and deluxe resort options.

Inspirato also offers last minute vacation options which can save members money.

Accommodations with Inspirato cost between $800-$1,800 per night and members choose from either large private residential homes or resorts and hotels. Choices include safari, golf, city, beach or mountain-based vacations, but the club promises consistent, five-star experiences for all their accommodations.

The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club

The Ritz-Carlton name is synonymous with luxury, and that’s what members of this exclusive club receive. Members choose from fractional-ownership or vacation club membership, depending on their desires. But all the properties located throughout America are considered five-star experiences.

St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Aspen, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe make up the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club locales.

An interesting point about the Ritz-Carlton club is that investments purchased by members can be transferred to the owner’s children. And if travelers are looking for more diverse options, a perk is that they also have access to over 500 locations included in the Marriot suite of offerings as well.

Elite Alliance – A Luxury Exchange

More of an exchange program, members must own a luxury property themselves to be included in Elite Alliance. It’s a program that allows you to “trade” properties with other luxury fractional and full owners in destinations all over the world.

Members receive high-end stays in London, England, Florence, Italy, or any number of other highly sought-after destinations. But to be included, your property has to be approved. While this adds an extra exclusivity factor, members are assured the properties they’re selecting for their vacation pass the quality test by the Elite Alliance.

This is a flexible option for luxury property owners, as you’re also able to send family or business contacts to your booked vacations.

The premium membership is just $659 per year.