#1 – The Bermuda House (Emerald Isle, NC)

#2 – Gulf Winds (Hernando Beach, FL)

#3 – Villa Bonair (La Jolla, CA)

#4 – Beach Club at Siesta Key* (Siesta Key, FL)

#5 – Crane Residence Club (Barbados)

#6 – Poet’s Cove Resort (Pender Island, BC, Canada)

#7 – Woodhaven Country Club Condo (Palm Desert, CA)

#8 – Santa Barbara Beach Club (Santa Barbara, CA)

#9 – Serenity Cove (Soda Springs/Lake Tahoe, CA)

#10 – Waikoloa Beach Resort Villa (Waikoloa, HI)

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*Indicates Enhanced Listing with photos, video and more.