Three reviews have been posted of Sherman Potvin’s book “Fractionalize to Maximize: Dividing Your Vacation Home into Profit”. Sherman is a leading fractional consultant and the founder of Luxury Fractional Guide. Here are excerpts from the reviews:

Cottage Blogger
December 3, 2007
“The first fifty pages outline what fractional ownership is; offers suggestions on why owners might choose to go this route; how to prepare a property for sale, and generally provides an insightful ‘how to’ on the process. I was particularly interested in the section on setting the selling price, calculating fees on expense and maintenance, and establishing a Home Owners Association contract…. For investors, realtors, and anyone seriously interested in selling their property creatively and maximizing the potential for profit, the book has a lot of value in its pages.” Read the full review here.

2nd Home Specialist Magazine
November 2007
“Written in a clear easy to understand style, the book not only explains the process but outlines the many benefits from increased profits on a sale for your home, achieving a sale (in the current “soft market”) to making owning fun, i.e. eliminating all the maintenance woes of owning a vacation home.” Read the full review here.

The Timeshare Blog
December 15, 2006
“Author Sherman Potvin, a well-respected fractional consultant and founder of Luxury Fractional, provides a step-by-step manual that covers how to evaluate, prepare, market and sell a fractional home. Why would someone want to go to the trouble of finding 8 buyers instead of just one? Larger market and more profit according to Potvin.” Read the full review here.