With each year that passes we are bombarded with more and more options for vacation accommodation. With popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO and numerous other booking choices, we could easily spend more time researching, than on vacation!

For those owning a luxury vacation club, planning can be a breeze. If budget is not your primary factor, one of the following clubs could be a great choice.

The Different Models Available

The first model available is an equity fund. Clubs that are equity vacation funds include Equity Estates and Equity Residences.

Our top company for vacation investing potential is Lifestyle Asset Group.

Second, there are the vacation clubs where you “pay as you stay,” that do not include any equity. Inspirato falls into this category.

Vacationing and Building Equity (possibly)

With an equity vacation club such as Equity Estates, you contribute to an investment fund, rather than pay a membership fee. The vacation club uses the fund to purchase a property portfolio, and you have indirect fractional ownership of all those vacation homes.

After a certain period, the homes are sold, and any appreciation distributed between members. Basic investment into an equity vacation club starts at around $145,000 with annual fees between $3,000 – $15,000.

Pay as You Stay Vacation Club

With pay-as-you stay, the pricing structure is vastly different. Vacation clubs like Inspirato do not have the large the capital outlays that an equity vacation club like Equity Estates has because the vacation homes are leased rather than purchased.

To purchase a membership for this type of vacation club the fees range from $7,000 – $20,000. Annual fees will range from $2,500 – $3,500, although some clubs in this category may not charge an annual fee. Once you become a member, you pay a nightly fee for a luxury vacation home with guaranteed quality.

Financial Comparison of Equity Estates vs. Inspirato

You will be surprised to learn that Equity Estates could be cheaper than Inspirato over a 10-year period. Here’s how.

Equity Estates will cost you $240,000 up front, and you will own a share of the portfolio.

Maintenance fee costs yearly will be about $12,500, so presuming you stay on average the full 15 nights per year, your cost per night would equate to $833.33. Add this to the missed opportunity costs of $320 per night on your capital, and it brings your total nightly cost to $1,153.33

Compare this directly to Inspirato. Initial membership fees are $20,000 with no maintenance fees. A comparable home is going to cost a minimum of $1,500 per night.

So, your savings would be $346.67 per night, or over a 10-year period with Equity Estates a total of $52,000.

However, if your Equity Estates real estate appreciated at a very modest 3%, your savings over ten years would jump to $109,600.

Here are my numbers:

Equity Estates Analysis
Cost $240,000.00
Maintenance Fee $12,500.00
Days 15
Cost Per Night $833.33
Opportunity Cost Per Night $320.00
Total Cost Per Night $1,153.33
Inspirato analysis
Cost $20,000.00
Maintenance Fee $0.00
Days 15
Avg. Cost Per Night $1,500.00
Savings VS. Inspirato $346.67
10 Year Savings with Equity Estates $52,000.00

10 Year Total Savings with Equity Estates including 3% home appreciation


Great potential if the real estate market does well.

More Information on Equity Estates
Free consultation on choosing an equity vacation club. Own beautiful properties around the world!

  • • Be a part owner of 15-25 homes.
  • • For accredited investors only.

    More Information:

  • Now, If you only use the Inspirato Jaunts nights ($700 – $1200 per night) as an Inspirato member, you would save money versus Equity Estates. (The problem with Jaunts is limited availability and few destinations.)

    Advantages to Equity Estates

    Equity Estates has a full-ownership to full booking ratio of only 57%, which means the usage is low (homes are not rented out). You have a pretty good chance of getting the weeks you want for a vacation. You have a good chance of getting your holiday weeks as well, with no inflated nightly rates.

    Drawbacks to Equity Estates:

    • The real estate market may go down, causing vacations to be more expensive than Inspirato.
    • Your money is locked up, with no access to it.
    • You must use 15 days per year. If you skip for a year or use less then 15 days, your overall cost per night is much higher and is more expensive than Inspirato in the long run.

    Final Thoughts

    Vacationing is a very personal decision, and ultimately comes down to more than budget. Both Equity Estates and Inspirato are successful vacation clubs that appeal to different types of vacationers. Inspirato is great for those needing the flexibility of taking vacation years off. Do your due diligence!

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