Residence Club – Tuscany, Italy
6WM7+VG, 52044 Cortona, Province of Arezzo, Italy
Beautiful View $95,000 and up - Fractional Resort
2023 Year Built

Discover the Heartbeat of Italy at this Residence Club in Tuscany

Is there a destination more captivating than Italy? Dive deeper, and you’ll find its essence: Tuscany. Beyond its physical allure, Tuscany represents a rich tapestry of lifestyle, echoing with legacies of globally adored art, traditions, gastronomy, and wines.

Experience possessing a slice of a Tuscan vineyard haven without the usual complications and at a fraction of the price. This Residence Club marries the merits of property ownership with the luxury of vineyard living and the premium services of a boutique hotel. Forget the excessive costs and challenges of solo secondary home ownership in Italy.

Perfectly poised on the outskirts of Italy’s cherished hilltop jewel, Cortona, the club stands majestically in serene settings marked by undulating landscapes and picturesque vineyards. Situated at Italy’s core, it is the perfect launchpad for adventures into Tuscany and beyond.

Embrace the future property ownership with, allowing you to realize your Tuscan dreams.


Imagine a Tuscan holiday haven without the astronomical costs or relentless upkeep. That’s what Co-Ownership offers. Here, luxury pairs seamlessly with affordability and freedom, crafting a unique blend of lifestyle, convenience, and adaptability – all at a dream price.


Co-ownership transcends traditional timeshare. It embodies genuine property ownership. A select group of discerning families collectively own the entirety of the property, enjoying the potential of equity appreciation. As with standard real estate, this ownership can be sold or passed down through generations.


Set against Tuscany’s lush backdrop with vineyards and olive orchards, the property sits close to the mesmerizing medieval town of Cortona, the muse behind Frances Mayes’s “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

Cortona, guarded by grand Etruscan ramparts, reveals layers of history and culture within its charming alleyways. This ancient town seamlessly blends with the pulse of a contemporary, warm community. Relish the ambiance of authentic eateries, craft boutiques, open-air cafes, delightful desserts, unmatched gelato, and a calendar filled with cultural events.

Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in walks, hikes, cycling, horseback riding, tennis, golf, and aquatic adventures on Lake Trasimeno. With six international airports within a 2 ½ hour radius, your Tuscan retreat is always within easy reach.

Home Usage

1/8 fraction (= 6 weeks per year), Townhouses and Villas

INTRODUCTORY OWNERSHIP PRICING for Luxury Fractional Guide Clients

$95,000 – $185,000 depending on Townhouse or Villa.


The fees you pay as an owner contribute to your portion of the Residence Club’s operational costs. This encompasses property taxes, utility bills, expert management, employee salaries, financial management, front desk services, daily cleaning, upkeep, groundskeeping, coverage, funds set aside for replacements, benefits related to vineyards and wine, recreational gear, and so on.

Townhouse Monthly Fee:  $588

Villa Monthy Fee: $695

GIAMBRONE LAW fulfills purchases.   

For more information and introductory pricing, contact [email protected].


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