Dick Ragatz, President of Ragatz Associates, is widely recognized as the creator and publisher of the fractional industry’s Shared Ownership Industry Report, and the host of the annual Fractional Interest Conference. Since 1969, he has published more than 50 articles on resort development for academic journals and trade magazines, and has delivered more than 350 speeches on resort development at conferences throughout the world.

In a recent press release, Dick and Steve Dering, a partner in Chicago-based DCP International, talk about the future of the fractional industry.  They both agree that the luxury fractional segment of the vacation home market will be the first to rebound from the current economic downturn.  Dick predicts that recent economic events will only further enhance the attractiveness of fractional vacation homes vs. whole ownership in the long-term.  Steve also sees the growing Green movement as a catalyst for people to move into the fractional sector — they want to own only what they need.

LFG completely agrees with their assessment, and believes that fractional ownership will continue to grow in popularity year after year. 

Read the full press release on the future of the luxury fractional home market.