The Vail Daily newspaper recently wrote an interesting article about The Club at Solaris and its impressive use policy.

Guaranteed luxury in Vail
‘Residence club’ at Solaris assures buyers they can stay any time they want
February 21, 2008

VAIL — After 15 years, Tom Fulton thinks he’s gotten fractional ownership right. Fulton, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Telluride-based Epiphany Clubs and Resorts, is selling memberships in The Club at Solaris. Epiphany has bought 19 of the 77 condominiums at Solaris, and is limiting the size of the club to just 95 buyers (at $1.9 million each).

The first 19 buyers get an unusual guarantee: With 30 days’ notice, those buyers can reserve time at Solaris whenever they want it, including New Year’s week. The remaining 76 members of the club get a “51-week” guarantee, meaning that any time other than New Year’s week, they, too, can stay at an Epiphany condo at Solaris with just 30 days’ notice. Read the rest of the article here.