Any developer that’s worth his salt knows and understands the value of attaching some kind of “exchange component” to his project. When I said  ”some kind’ of exchange component/company I meant it. There are a number of different “type” exchange companies and it is important for the developer to study each of them, selecting the one that most closely mirrors his project and his target market.

Richard (Dick) Ragatz, who is the absolute “gospel” of Fractional Industry data acknowledged several years ago that his research had shown 73% of all Fractional buyers reported they would not have made that purchase had an exchange component not been included with the purchase.

You might ask; Why then would any developer not automatically include an exchange company?? The main reason is that nearly all decent exchange companies cost time & money! Other developers may feel that their location is special and folks won’t want to visit elsewhere.

Others have a share size of only two or three weeks. They market/sell these shares as ideally, one or two weeks at the property and one week for rental to offset the maintenance fees. But most developers will benefit when providing the right exchange component for their project and owners regardless the cost.

As an example, one of the largest and best pure fractional exchange companies is the Registry Collection . They also happen to be one of the most expensive. One of the least expensive fractional exchange systems is called Fractional Exchange simple and easy to operate. Another mid-tier exchange company is called Resort2Resort which requires membership to participate.

The bottom line is with more than a dozen fractional exchange companies available worldwide there is bound to be one that matches up with your sales and marketing efforts. Research them carefully, it is documented that it will enhance owner satisfaction, create more sales and add to the bottom line.

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