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Legal Tips for Fractional Real Estate Buyers

by John Gosselin, Esq. Legal Documents Owners Should Know Something About Fractional ownership documents fall into two general categories: (i) those that are recorded in the chain of title to the co-owned property and thereby become binding on each subsequent owner even without that owner’s signature, and (ii) those that are unrecorded and bind only…

Resources for Hawaii Fractional Ownership

If you’re interested in learning more about fractional ownership property in Hawaii, you might want to check out the website of realtors Donna and Tom Rice. Their website covers Frequently Asked Questions, Legal Aspects, comparisons to Timeshare Ownership, and more. Another good resource for this type of info is Island Fractional Homes.

Criteria to Consider for Caribbean Island Developments

The following is an article posted by Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty. What criteria are Caribbean resort/fractional developers considering when buying Caribbean real estate? With the Boomers from the U.S., the Brits and the Europeans, the Canadians, and the buyers from South America flocking to buy up Caribbean properties, developers are getting much more…

Reviews of “Fractionalize to Maximize” Book

Three reviews have been posted of Sherman Potvin’s book “Fractionalize to Maximize: Dividing Your Vacation Home into Profit”. Sherman is a leading fractional consultant and the founder of Luxury Fractional Guide. Here are excerpts from the reviews: Cottage Blogger December 3, 2007 “The first fifty pages outline what fractional ownership is; offers suggestions on why…