Everlands is a new ultra-luxury destination club with invitation-only membership starting at $475,00. Its members will have unlimited access to club properties and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. They have a unique conservation theme and have established partnerships with many major conservation groups to help preserve and protect the world’s most beautiful places.

NEW YORK (Nov. 15, 2007) — Welcome to Everlands — a global Club for those who share a passion for travel and the outdoors and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from partaking in nature. Members have unlimited access to 45 of the most stunning, iconic places of natural beauty on Earth, and Everlands’ mission is to conserve these extraordinary destinations, which have been selected for their historic importance and storied pasts, for future generations.

Everlands is committed to a grand conservation initiative. The Club has established a Conservation Foundation that will award The Everlands Conservation Prize annually to individuals who demonstrate innovation, creativity and daring in conserving nature. The award, funded by a portion of Membership fees and annual dues, is designed to become a self-sustaining legacy, with the goal to award annual prizes of $1 million each. Members will be involved in the award process, including nominating candidates and choosing recipients.

Everlands has also partnered with many of the world’s most outstanding conservation groups and individuals, including Trout Unlimited in the US, The Countryside Alliance in the UK, the Atlantic Salmon Federation in Canada, the NASF in Iceland and Dr. Richard Leakey in Kenya, to support their projects and to participate in the Everlands Conservation Initiative.

The first destination to become part of Everlands is the venerable Point on Saranac Lake in New York’s Adirondacks region. This former Rockefeller estate, a beautifully remote lakeside haven, is consistently ranked as one of the top boutique lodges in the world. It offers travelers the ultimate civilized wilderness experience and typifies the caliber and offering of an Everlands estate. Other properties that are part of the first acquisition phase include Lone Mountain Ranch in Montana; Lake Rotoroa Lodge in New Zealand; The Inn at Blueberry Hill on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; angrove Cay Club in the Bahamas; Bristol Bay Lodge in Alaska; and Castle Hot Springs in Arizona. Subsequent acquisitions will include a country estate in Devon, England; a wild partridge habitat in central Spain; an Atlantic salmon property in Iceland; an estancia in Patagonia; and a game reserve in Kenya.

Everlands Members enjoy transformational experiences and unmatched levels of service at some of the most unique and magnificent destinations across the globe. There is a sport, cuisine, activity and countryside to match every taste and preference, throughout the year. Experiences include lessons for families about conservation and nature; boating and hiking in the Adirondacks; antiquing in countryside markets; bone fishing in the Bahamas; pheasant shooting or horseback riding in Devon; cycling and cold saltwater angling at Martha’s Vineyard; stimulating literary events around a fireplace; cross country skiing in Montana; salmon fishing — accessed by the lodge’s own seaplanes — in Alaska; the pure pleasure of the ‘magic waters’ discovered by Apache Indians in Arizona; and casting for the noblest of fish — the brown trout — in the streams of New Zealand.

“Our vision in creating Everlands was to bring together a global community of likeminded individuals who share a love of people and family and a passion for nature and the great outdoors, defined by a desire to preserve and protect it,” said Bob Burch, Everlands Co-Founder and Chairman. “Everlanders have the opportunity to experience the world’s most magnificent destinations while preserving them for future generations.”

The business model for Everlands is robust. Lehman Brothers has made a significant commitment, both as financiers and investors, in addition to Bob Burch’s own financial investment in the project. Burch is CEO and Partner of Red Badge Inc., a real estate investment and venture capital corporation with interests in real estate, cattle ranching, insurance, Internet, biotechnology and financial services companies. The company is also involved in the development and management of boutique hotels and residences in Latin America.

Membership to Everlands is by invitation only. Each Member pays a one-time Membership fee, as well as annual Club dues. Everlands is owned entirely by its Members, who own a pro rata equity interest in the Club Membership Corporation. Everlands Members co-own the land, buildings, and all real property, including furnishings, artwork, boats, floatplanes, facilities, equipment, horses and livestock — debt-free.

The Membership fee is $1 million, with early-in opportunities for Founding Membership starting at $475,000. Annual dues of $40,000 cover all amenities, such as world-class dining, fine beverages, local transportation, and a broad array of sports instruction, equipment and outdoor adventures — all handled by dedicated “Experience Managers.”

Members enjoy unlimited access to the properties, and bookings are made simply on a first-come, first-served basis.
To minimize financial risk for Members, a 15 percent deposit is required by each Member at the time of commitment, which will be returned with interest if initial Membership goals are not achieved. The balance is due when the Club secures 100 Members, at which time the properties will be available to Members only.

Until then, Everlands properties will continue to operate as usual and are open to all guests. A spouse or significant partner is included within each Member’s usage fee, and can use the properties unaccompanied. Members’ children between 18 and 23 years old who are still living at home may use the properties unaccompanied by an adult. Guests must be
accompanied by a Member. To create a lasting conservation legacy, a Membership may be willed to a spouse or child.

Everlands has offices in New York and London. For more information, visit http://www.everlandslife.com.