Hilton Head Island is a favorite vacation and retirement destination. Warm weather, beaches on the Atlantic, and easy access to locations in the Southeast all combine to boost Hilton Head’s appeal.

Hilton Head property

Real estate on Hilton Head Island runs around $200 per square foot, and the median closing price is approximately $355,000. Investment on this level can be a barrier to anyone wanting a vacation home property.

Fractional ownership solves that problem. A sponsor works to locate prime and luxury homes in destination areas. They are available in multi-unit buildings, resorts, and single-family homes. A limited number of buyers—many involve 4-12 owners—own the building, paying far less than they would for a full house.

Taxes and maintenance are shared, and the owners work to coordinate their schedules using the property throughout the year. Fractional ownership gives each owner far more time on Hilton Head than a traditional timeshare because fewer people are involved.

Fractional ownership allows you to visit multiple times throughout the year. The scheduling depends on the type of unit or units involved. For example, the building could consist of five three-bedroom units, and you will get one of them during your allotted time.

Brigatine Quarters – Hilton Head, South Carolina

$29,000 and up - Fractional Resales, Fractional Resort

Look no further than Brigantine Quarters for your ideal Hilton Head vacation. Nestled in the private Shipyard Plantation community, Brigantine Quarters offers two and three…

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1200 sq ft 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Hilton Head Quarter Shares – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Limited Availability
$17,500 and up - Fractional Home, Fractional Resales, Fractional Resort

Maximize your time spent on Hilton Head Island with a quarter share.  You can find virtually unlimited possibilities of fractional ownership on Hilton Head from…

More Details
1200 sq ft and up 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Advantages of fractional ownership

Owning a Hilton Head home with fractional ownership has many benefits.

You obtain an ownership interest in a luxury home proportional to your ability to take advantage of it. For example, if you want one month per year, you invest around 8-10% of the total property cost. You share the expenses of maintenance and repairs, as well as lower your share of any needed capital improvements.

Some fractional ownership properties can be rented to non-owners when owners are not present. The rentals help the owners cover the costs of maintenance and insurance.

If you hold onto your share for several years, you may see property value gain. Some fractional ownership properties are sold on a set schedule, allowing owners to realize their gains, and perhaps invest in another.

Make sure you examine any applicable Home Owners Association agreements or local zoning laws, as they may limit your ability to invest in or take advantage of fractional ownership.

Traveling to Hilton Head

Hilton Head is located on the coast of South Carolina, about 35 miles from Savannah, Georgia. Flights are available directly to the island airport several times a day. Most connections come through Charlotte or Atlanta.

The island welcomes visitors year-round. Summer is, as can be expected, the most hectic season. Many people also travel to the island around Christmas.

Hilton Head is at its busiest from Easter through Labor Day. Travel agents and residents recommend making reservations for meals and other activities during this time, especially Easter Week, around the 4th of July, and the first week in August.

What to do at Hilton Head

Hilton Head’s charm relies on its beautiful location and relaxing island culture. Museums, art galleries, and wineries are popular attractions, showcasing the region’s rich heritage and history. Visitors will enjoy access to every water sport, including deep-sea fishing, crabbing, boat rentals, nature excursions and dinner cruises. Days on the island are dominated by exploring sand and sea while soaking up the sun.

Hilton Head maintains a network of hiking and biking trails. The island contains over 200 miles of shared use paths, half of which are paved. Many remote parks are uncrowded and provide an abundance of nature watching opportunities. Old House Creek Pier on Sterling Pointe Drive is one place to see fiddler crabs and shrimp.

Kayaking or hiking over to Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge and its 3.5-mile trail will fill a morning with a lot of beauty and wildlife. Bring your cameras. Kayaking is possible all-around Hilton Head Island. Family kayak tours of the waterways is possible, as is the rental of kayaks for more individual exploration.

Hilton Head also has 12 miles of sandy beach—which (from the ocean to the high-water mark) is public. Public beach access is available at six distinct locations. The island is small enough you can walk to your access and enjoy the sand and sea for the entire day.

Dolphin tours around the island are also available. The 90-minute tours travel around most of the island, and out into the Atlantic, giving you time to see a variety of marine life, including the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. The sunset cruise adds fireworks to the fun.

Own a piece of Hilton Head Island, and you’ll understand why people return year after year to this relaxing island destination. Easy access to the island makes it a convenient vacation home location, and the beauty, activities, and culture are spectacular.

Consider a fractional ownership so you can reap all the benefits of luxury property ownership without the drawbacks of full-time management.